Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kent Police see off Damn Tree Huggers

Driving home Friday afternoon I was quite preoccupied, with the thought of Safety Cameras, having been possibly mugged by some rather sneaky ones in a village called Hampton, alongside the Thames , I say sneaky which doesn't do justice, I drove through these at a sedate 30mph earlier in the day, but coming home I noticed some bloody 20mph speed signs just before and after, which till now I've only associated with roads that have speed bumps and chicanes, sorry I'm still preoccupied (B*ST*RDS!).

Anyhow back near civilisation on the M2 about a dozen coppers on motorcycles come rolling down the outside lane, in formation and naturally I tuck in behind, once they've passed, thinking this will stop anyone pulling out on me, only to find that its not just their motorcycles that are synchronised but also their bladders, as they all pull into the service station together a minute later.

Next close encounter with the law is a blooming convoy coming up towards London, about a dozen motorbikes straddling both lanes, a sprinkling of police cars, about a dozen (Thames Valley) police vans, now my first theory was blimey, someones sorted out Thanets gangsters & wannabees, but as there had been no mention on the radio, maybe Bin Laden had been found living in East Kent. I would have taken a photo but my camera phone also doubles as an mp3 player.

Still then I thought, why don't the police, instead of swanning about on the motorways, concentrate on those irritating dangerous lefties I'd seen earlier in the week deliberately walking into riot shields and truncheons, which had been causing me some loss of sleep particularly since police had found out that some of those camping at Hoo were tooled up with er tools, and what, were they doing with those knives, making sandwiches? (not blooming likely).

An hour or so later all is revealed, Kent police are taking no chances, when I watch the Meridian news that night, Kent police have introduced some sort of emergency powers, allowing them to harass these damn leftie blighters, stop and search, a bit disappointed that they couldn't have just arrested the whole damn lot.

The police were taking no chances, they were doing a very thorough job indeed, as they appeared to even check meridian journalist Ian Axtons wallet, well, we will never know if they were just looking for weapons or maybe just something for the weekend.

I'm embarrassed and worried that the police in this county, might presumably think that such heavy handed tactics are supported by the community, if it were case that these climate change protesters (who don't have my support), were to seriously endanger production of electricity, then yes be heavy handed, particularly if I'm in mid blog.

Still a nice bit of overtime! and why did that protester hurl himself on to that coppers boot?


  1. Ooh, you know how to tease with your headlines Tony!

  2. Pleased they did see off the D T H brigade.

  3. Tony,

    To help you out here, those coppers and no dount copperettes, heading up and down the M2 were commuting to and from Canterbury and Hoo.

    All 1500 officers were staying at the University of Kent, in their student accommodation, between shifts of asking left wing, long haired, weapon carrying anti electric protestors to move on or assist with their enquiries.

    Clearly Kent had to make sure the protest was fully contained and well resourced and drafted in people from all over.

    It's probably been the biggest protest operation in the county since the miners' strike of the early 1980s.

    Interesting that ARthur Scargill tunred up at Hoo to add his opinion - I think he was anti the protestors, not sure, but I can't help thinking, that in the light of moves to being a greener country, the mining industry would have been doomed by now anyway, even if they hadn't gone on strike in 1984.

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  5. 11.54

    Worker buy out at Tower Colliary and research co-operation with University of Glamorgan seems to show that by combining coal with processed domestic refuse an eco fuel can be produced.

    I thought that Kingsnorth was supposed to be involved in further research of this coal based eco friendly source of energy ?

    Tony it is timely to remind you re Police being entitled to act if there is a threat to electricity. That in 1996 Kent Police refused to act and the Irriting fella had to report over their heads to MI5 via Jonathan Aitken MP. And it was Met who made the pre-emptive arrests of the IRA eletrioc distribution attack team.

    They got 35 years per man at the Old Bailey. They were found with viable plans to black out London and South East for six months.

    If such a collapse of distribution had occurred (and left to Kent Plod it would have occurred) then nuclear plant must shut down as they are generating energy with no where to put it. If their diesel backup generators don't work you cop Chernobyl style criticality four hours later.

    For some 11 years now Kent Police and their POlice Authority did not reply to letters on this issue.

    But all of a sudden (after a university study and new NHS Security of Electrical supply regs) with the porospect of these sort of things being weighed in evidence by the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry KPA is drawing up a summary of twenty years of policing concerns for their Standards Board.

    In short the Kent ploddies may like flexing their muscles against a set of ill informed tree hugers but against the IRA they were lucky Irritating fella MI5 and met were here to do the bizz.

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  7. Thanet readers may recall the 1996 lurid reports in the anti Nazi Searchlight magazine alleging that ramsgate's allegedly IRA supportive League of Saint George had planned how to attack electrical infrastructure in Mandela's regime.

    It was not then an offence, I think, to plan overseas attacks from British soil. (So what a defence eh you might think ...) But Kent Police were told at the time they should look at anyone dabbling in the techniques ?

  8. Along with military aggression, the Russian Federation is blocking Georgian internet portals.

  9. Well after hearing some of Kents finest (boys in blue) explain themselves I reckon, that once they've started drawing those fat pension, they can quickly be assimilated into politics and or other branches of local government.

    Its rare that you hear the language of spin spoken so fluently!

  10. Russian recent actions could have something to do with Georgia's intentions to allow US missile bases on their soil? Huh? Maybe?