Tuesday, August 05, 2008


How come I don't get invited!

Just following on from my comments concerning Aigo President Mr Feng Jun's visit to Thanet the thought occurred, that how come its only certain sections of the Press, that seem to get invited, now obviously I don't, expect myself to be included in that category since I'm only a E-wit or maybe F-wit blogger, but I thought it remarkable that since the great and the good from Thanet council were apparently present for Mr Jun's visit, why wasn't this visit reported by a wider pool from the media.

With this in mind I though I'd provide Thanet councils media department with the task of enlightening me. After a few rings I got through, what no meetings? apparently not. So I first asked why their was no story on their news page, well it wasn't organised by them(TDC) and they hadn't written it up.

Next when news items and events are organised, why is that some of the press get preference, well apparently reporters like exclusives, and sea lions like herring (I added that last bit). I reckon that if the council have something to say it should be open to all including bloggers who's readership increases every week not just hand feeding titbits to papers that might be inclined or trained to tow the right line.

So anyway it appears that this event which was mainly made up of Thanet council representatives, including the likes of Richard Samuel Chief Exec, the highly regarded (in some circles) Sandy Ezekiel, but despite this Thanet council don't feel it necessary to publicise this.

I feel since at least one senior council officer Richard Samuel Chief Executive was present at least, that since these people are there to represent the local community, it should be a matter of course that meetings and events attended by senior officers should be published automatically.

Since local bigwigs from the Thanet council appear to be available to local developers and inward investors which is part of their role, I finished up my conversation by asking what if anything the council had to do with China Gateway, did it have any agreements for instance, well apparently nothing apart from the planning process so I must admit I was quite taken aback to see suggestions that Thanet council had apparently agreed to some rather silly actions as per this extract fromECR

"three TDC officers and a representative of CGP, the people who want to plonk a Chinese business park on top of our lovely aquifer here on the island. The discussion appears to have turned to future visits by Chinese dignitaries, and the provision of 'branded gifts' such as: - TDC cufflinks - Embossed pens - Glass paperweights with Thanet scene at bottom - Turner picture enlarged as a scroll of Margate seafront The meeting then appears to have gone on to discuss DVDs and Powerpoint presentations (yawn) in both English and Chinese, before turning to this little gem: Signs as you enter Thanet (saying): Welcome to Thanet, the home of Chinese Globalisation in English and Chinese."

Perhaps its time Richard Samuel, arranged for Thanet councils media department to clarify the position, and were the council more open, we might not be looking such a serious situation.

Also from suggestions made on the Thanetonline website it looks if someone might have to explain some apparent confusion over travel expenses, perhaps Commercial Group Properties PLC would be best placed to elucidate a response.

That's all on Carry on ChinaGatewayGate for now!


  1. I am obviously neither great or good, so I did not get an invite either Tony.

  2. Tony the ludicrous situation here is we are only asking the council for the standards that were mandatory in 1995 to protect us all from being poisoned.

    And no Ken neither did I.

  3. Ken I'm sorry to hear that but don't worry all contributors & readers are automatically deemed to be both great and good! here at the Bignews Margate offices.

    But given your role in TDC I think both correct and proper that you were not invited, which I'm sure you'll agree.

    Anyway Bignews Margate will be holding a party once our readership hits our target of one million a week for 50 consecutive weeks to which as a regular you will most definitely be invited.

  4. Perhaps we should form a bloggers union to protest this injustice...