Friday, August 08, 2008


Ramsgate, Blogger Eastcliffe Richard has in a pitiful bid to gain publicity for his Weblog of the same name, besmirched myself author of Bignews Margate suggesting that I have attempted to manipulate entries on to his "Recent natter" feature.

All I can say is that things, must be fairly desperate at Eastcliffe Mansions, Sunset Boulevard, Ramsgate for ECR to be making these sensational claims.

I wouldn't normally not have commented, but in an earlier posting, Eastcliffe not content to climb on the Thanet big cat story, oh no, to mundane for the likes of him. No he claims that the heavy weight newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has been spotted grazing in Pete's Fish Factory. Well I've got bigger fish to fry, I think, well maybe not.


  1. Now now, Tone. Let's not escalate this into another Thanet Blog Wars. Look what happened to a certain 'popular but beseiged™'Thanet blogger recently - RIP-ed himself. No-one messes with the Dick!

  2. Tony I do believe that Richard is trying to set up a Blog war again. Me I do not give a monkeys , But don't leave the circuit diversity is important.

  3. Tony, I dont think ECR actually saw Paxman, but you can get along to Broadstairs today and who knows you could even be seen on southeast today with Kaddy, Jeff and Bev!

  4. Rather not I've been involve in work of great national importance, in maintaining the countries transport infrastructure.

    The blog wars thing is entirely artificial, I have no animosity toward that jumped up left wing media luvvy, what so ever.

    I don't think anyone thought these machinations, would get the oxygen of publicity from the Gazette well done.

  5. I think that it would be a good thing if the CHINESE took over Thanet. They might make all the lazy buggers work.. and clip the rotten kids round the ear with bamboo sticks.. bring on the China Gateway

  6. Ken you are a nice bloke but truth be told an old oxy bore on.

    There's antepost betting on both your and ECR's blogs. Waiting for the next posts.

    Will ECR's runners Priapus
    and Sister Assumpta pip your keywords to the blogosphere post ?

    We have a bet on how many of Ken's posts can be sung to the tune of "I believe". The post on this thread is in stewards inquiry but the punter is confident.

    Ken your runner "I do" just came in twice as a good each way bet. With a bonus for a "Me I do"