Friday, August 15, 2008

Plain Speaking from local author jane

Its not often that I get riled and today's not one of those days either, I note that we (bignews margate) have had the a bit of publicity and a slight side swipe, from top columnist "plain jane" in her column in the Gazette. Thanks for the publicity!

Still as a result senior partner in Bignews Margate, MR Puss has called an emergency meeting to review this publications future, apparently he doesn't like bad publicity, is not entirely happy with changes being made to the blog, that is, introduction of a third column. More importantly he is rather irritated to have yet another reference to poor English.

I suggested that since at the end of the day this is only a blog, maybe we shouldn't be too precious, and that criticism of dodgy grammar was rather a er... a cheek since we don't charge for this and I find myself often out in all weathers with a shovel in my hand or some other tool, earning money to subsidies production.

Mr Puss was singularly unimpressed when I quoted this comment from Justin Williams Assistant editor to Telegraph media "you are doing an incredibly important thing." Click Here to read in context, I think he was about to point out that we took the Sun most days and if we had the money The Times but yawned instead.

Anyway Mr Puss would like readers to keep in mind that comments such as from "jax mellor" can be hurtful even a year later, still he's quite impressed that plain jane is one of this journals regular "proper writers" who take a gander, and wishes all local journo's well!

Things ended on quite an acrimonious note, Mr Puss is quite a conservative (See Mr Puss defends Fat Cats) he wasnt happy when I suggested that the comment quoted in the article, which had offend plain jane, was from one of our many contributors, and that we had a free speech policy even when unpalatable or offensive as that might have been. The meeting ended with me suggesting that Mr Puss could do the Typing and I'd do the thinking, apparently he's going to sleep on it.

PS whist we're on the blimin english (correct use of) This is Bignews Margate not Big News Margate

Click here for this and previous mentions of plain jane Wenham-Jones

Visit janes website here were you can find out more about jane and purchase a book, perhaps after all this publicity and in the interests of good english, jane might just bung me a free copy of wannabe a writer. Anyway keep up the good work.


  1. Well well well tony I Agree with you,but what on earth did jax mellor say to offend you?

  2. Tony just a thought have you tried to open your recently redesigned blog with a mobile?

  3. it was jane who was offended see gazette


    yep it works fine on a nokia N95 youve probably got one of those overpriced iprod phones

    get a nokia or subscribe to the feed

    three charge a fiver on top call package for a gig of data

  4. Knackered old pda with O2 pay as you go and the £7.50 a month internet bolt on I only use it for looking up the value of books in other booksellers shops, the best it’s done for me so far was a book I bought in another bookshop for £30 and subsequently sold for £500, but yes it certainly takes linger to load both our blogs since we put the feeds on.

  5. jane wants to get over herself..

  6. She couldn't get ECR's site right. Called it East Kent Richard!! No wonder the blogs are better sources of info than the Local papers.

  7. ECR's blog is the best for betting on. But a recent stewards' inquiry decided that there is a ringer writing as ECR on site. Too much tautology and not the same keen wit.

    Bets have also run on Village Voices and setting Ken's posts to the tune of "I Believe"

    "When I fill my clapped out four by four"

    "It costs the same"

    "Is there something in the rules of physics"

    Couldn't get odds that ECR had overcooked the contents of his Tesco bag.

    As ECR he can get very upset about matters like the use of the word "Gippo"

    But after a quick change in his dressing up cupboard if he emerges as Lucy Mail my goodness anything goes. Lucy can compress abuse of the intelligenet, the mentally ill. the obese, the elderly and the poorly co-ordinated into one post.

    If he emerges as Sister Assumpta yes the reader gets a good laugh.

    Sometimes he claims to write as himself and reveals how armed terrorists held a gun to his head (hardly something unarmed terrorists could do ECR) so without his ECR hood on he seems to be a pretty run of the mill Thanet military fantasist.

    Perhaps Jane had in mind that if she published the correct name and a link that she could be sued for the blog contents if anything there is defammatory ?

    The Thanet blog scene is drivel and driven by the exorbitant cost of beer. If beer prices were to be cut then the drinking drivel (Blame the council) would relocate from blog back to pub.

  8. I was especially annoyed at Jane's comment regarding your grammar. If I recall rightly you have publicly stated before that you have mild dyslexia (apologies if I have mis-read that). Whether or not you do and that aside, when Jane wrote her comment re' your error did she consider this? Obviously not, she probably doesn't know you and to slate you without checking this out as a cause is journalistically highly unprofessional. I look forward to her public apology.

  9. Anon 9.51
    You seem to have spent some time in your quick change cupboard too.

  10. Also are we really supposed to take jane seriously when she writes books called"wannabe a writer"I think not...and yes I think tony should get a public apology too

  11. Love the picture of Puss napping on the ITG

  12. pleased to see she turns off when seeing my picture, it worked then. Funny that personal abuse is used by a journo type. Mind you when I see her picture in the local rag I feel inclined to use that page a a liner for the cats litter tray!

  13. Maybe Jane wantstabe a writer.

  14. "perhaps after all this publicity and in the interests of good english, jane might just bung me a free copy of wannabe a writer."

    I would be totally delighted. Email me your address and it shall be yours! :-) Sorry about the spelling! Bignews it is from now on...

  15. Cheers jane much appreciated, readers can shortly expect a much more polished blog

  16. Ahh tony-we love you as you are..