Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quote of the week on A levels

Spotted this as I was chomping my way through toast and papers this morning, from Rod Liddle's excellent comment column in the Sunday Times, discussing the high pass rate of those A levels (only 2.8% failed) results Mr Liddle looks forward to the day when a 100% pass rate is achieved "and every abject cretin can go on to read applied concrete, or maybe media studies, at the University of Central Thanet. One wonders quite what level of imbecility is required to gain entry to that exclusive 2.8%. But I daresay we will find out when the next edition of Big Brother comes to our screens."

If nothing else its proof of planet Thanet's growing fame!

Click here for Rod Liddles comment column (halfway down)


  1. Education is part of their servitude.

    The essence of group control is to make the group feel good about itself by indoctrinating them to one comfortable version of reality (read about Noah.)

    It worked on you Tony but you were born too soon to be given a degree in it.

  2. Maybe they will go on to achieve the prestigious and philanthropic goal of being a .....journalist.

  3. Tony I can only speak from experience here, my son has just completed 3 sciences and maths at A S level and they are just as difficult now as they were in my day.

  4. No critism intended of any individual, but I think that its a fair comment, harsh as it is, part the selection process is lost if less than 3% fail.

    I couldn't even rustle up an o level in english

  5. We seem to have a new summer sport in this country. Each year, a few "worthies" who believe their academic achievements were much harder won and are much more respectable than those being secured today crawl out of the woodwork and pour scorn on those receiving their GCSE and A level results.

    At the same time, those who have failed to gain any qualifications, and were perhaps denied the opportunity, add their siren voices - "it's all too easy...exams too light...". It must make the students getting their results feel so proud. No wonder some hold "adults" in contempt.

    And of course there's always the "nothing personal mate...didn't mean anyone in particular" comment of the kind you have deployed, editor, when you can't adequately respond to a "named challenge".

    We now seem to have an annual summer sport It is always cheap and easy to say "not criticisng any individual" when you views are challenged. But that is what you, and other commenttators who go in for this yearly sport of undermining the ach

  6. Last (rogue) paragraph should have been deleted.

  7. Well as an uneducated man maybe I shouldn't comment but what the hell I've no education so clearly my views are worthless,

    Point is anon Tue Aug 19, 01:23:00 PM, that the whole purpose of these examinations is to measure abilty, learning whatever, surely we cannot all conforn to one standard.

    Quite what you mean by named challenge is beyond me.