Sunday, August 24, 2008

Broadstairs No Tutti Fruitti

Forced from the Keyboard by Mrs Me, yesterday, with rather unkind comments about fitness levels and wasting another weekend, I was obliged to come up with something to do, which is bad enough, but since even here at Bignews Towers, we aren't immune from credit crunch, cheap was upper most in my mind. Bikes yes bikes, we'll go for a cycle.

Target Broadstairs, its only a couple of miles, easy especially with a chance to visit relatives on the way. Any how a nice easy ride into Broadstairs, with the shortest route taken through Reading Street and then down toward the cliff along Lanthorne Rd avoiding the more scenic coastal route along from Palm bay, Kingsgate and then two hills the first short and sharp the second up to the lighthouse long and painful.

Even on bikes, getting into Broadstairs becomes a pain for some reason motorist with "clarkson mentality" seem to think Albion St. is some sort of passage, to and from the east of Broadstairs well, it isn't, its just an obstacle course (enhanced with plucky but stupid pedestrians who will insist on using pavements or trying to cross) that leads to the Albion street car park, which is permanently full anytime. I'm sure I've never attempted to access or egress Broadstairs this way in my motor.

Naturally we gravitate to the front, and sit down on one of the benches, provided not by the council, but the dearly departed, where I consume a couple of saveloys, and a cheese and bacon puff from Rooks (along with Petes fish factory, a great purveyor of proper food in this case pies meat, sandwiches and the like). During our meal me and Mrs me had a brief discussion on ethics and pragmatism, earlier while shopping I was offered change for a tenner, instead of the 3 quid I'd actually given, which naturally I pointed out, I'm sure she would have done the same.

Coming back to benches on the cliff top, these apart from being memorials often mark the favourite view of the departed, and that got me thinking, just where would I wish to sit and stare for an eternity, and with all respect Broadstairs is not on my list, its just too boring. Still there's something about staring out towards sea or any water which is always fascinating, if moneys no object, I'd go for somewhere busy like Venice or New York.

After sitting for an hour or so we moved on, after I suggest that we might become senile sitting any longer. Still coming back to the land of the living, Broadstairs is unique amongst Thanet towns in as much, as the core of the town is complete, the sea front is as good as nature & man allows.It must be a long time since I've been that way, because I did notice a couple of things I don't remember, one a lift close to the bandstand, and the area around the bandstand has been altered considerably.

Although a thoroughly pleasant afternoon, I was disappointed, I have to say, by the choice of Ice Cream available at Morrellis, no Tutti Fruiti or even a reasonable substitute like Rum and Raisin, instead all I can seem to recall, were rather monotonous offerings of lemon, mango, mint and that sort of thing.

I've spent much of my life living in Broadstairs, its seems to have changed, or maybe its just that whilst much of Thanet has been allowed to decay, Broadstairs has been looked after, probably because many of Thanet's well healed live there, still maybe I'm just morose and getting closer to that park bench, than I thought.


  1. With a diet like that you could end up as a bench sooner than you'd like!

  2. I believe the parish council have helped keep Broadstairs in on piece.

  3. What epitaph for your bench then Tony ?

    "Don't think of me as old dead wood I am a railway sleeper"

  4. Michael rich people have kept Broadstairs in one piece, anon 10:33 I made a salad only today to accompany a mountain of meat sausages and chicken on the barbie so no worries on the diet.

    anon 7:55 Brilliant

  5. The area round the Bandstand has not looked the same since the lovely privot fence was riped up by the council. The rest of the the Promenade is now looking very uncared for, with fences left uncut etc. Tdc and all, need to do more, and would be advised to visit and see how other tourist towns push the boat out when it comes to garden maintenace, this is what attracts tourism.
    Quess the council has to find savings for the M&S building and reducing the fuel bill for driving those top of range Merc maintenance vans to Broadstairs ?