Saturday, August 02, 2008

Local Internet Sites Blocked

Just a quick note for users and creators of blogs if like me you have experienced problems accessing your favourite local blogs like er... Bignews etc DONT PANIC as far as I can tell this isn't the result of internet providers extending their top Chinease service feature which is basically blunt censorship, no I think its probably a technical issue rather than a brutal extension of a corrupt totalitarian state.

It appears that using Internet Explorer Version 7 combined with a site that uses Sitemeter monitoring causes a error message to appear telling you basically that your not invited see above photog.

Using Firefox browser seems not to cause the problem, although I have temporarily removed the sitemeter doo dah as a precaution and to alleviate the suffering of my loyal readers

PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT AN EXPERT, Thanet is awash with computer boffins who will no doubt be able to explain whats occurring.


  1. I use IE6 (not 7) & still have the same problem.

    Eastcliff Matters seems to be the most difficult to access (unless using Firefox).