Thursday, August 07, 2008

Police at sea

Sometimes news items pass me by, and since not a lot is going on in your Thanet, apart from yet another open letter from the Labour Party to I think Richard Samuel, I just remembered a little piece about Kent Police acquiring a Marine (are there others) Boat, their first since 1995.

Now don't panic to much apparently they got it on the cheap, a hundred grand or so, and no not off the back of er bigger boat. No doubt they've considered the running costs, and what they'll use it for?

I suppose that Mike Fuller Chief Constable and Ann Barnes Chair of Kent police Authority, have, come across Her Majesty's Royal Navy, Customs and Excise, the SBS of even the coast guard. Seems like a bit of an over lap?

Anyway click to see BBC report at the time

Must go and check on the cat, the last I saw him, he had dark sunglasses on and was trying to avoid Thanets media, hunting leopards, I see Nick Evans of KM Extra is the latest to don a pith helmet and go looking for a story, click here for details


  1. I wonder if this made a... aha... splash in the budget?

  2. I hear a prominent member of the Police Authority had offered them a steam tug at a knockdown price.

    Apparently he presented what well generally received as an almost persuasive argument to that end.

    "All you needs to do Mr Fuller", Bill said, "Is sign this little form accepting all my liabilities as a trustee of East Kent Maritime Trust and the boat is yours."

    "And" he added, "Since the Police Authority Chief Executive is summarizing some 20 years of history vis a vis meself like, to report to Standards Board of the Authority, it would not be too onerous that he include the history of the steam boat whilst entrusted for two decades to East Kent Maritime Trust to establish its provenance"

    Chief constable Fuller, not usually renowned for his ready wit I understand, replied "Bill in the circumstances I would not deprive you of any source of smokescreen"

    And topped it by following up, "Bill do have a coffee it is Cervia yourself"

  3. Well there was Bill sipping his coffee when Mr Fuller said to him, "By the way I had a glance at the Charity Commission website Billy. And the last 3 years out of date audit of East Kent Maritime Trust seems to have an auditor's proviso"

    "Really ?" said Billy in a voice now resigned to a bit of grief, "Wossat mean den"

    "Well" said Fuller adopting his mortar board wearing degree award posture, "Basically that the auditor wanted to get paid for his work but did not want to take responsibility for all the Charity Law requirements of the audit."

    "That might be helpful to you Billy but I cannot get involved" added Fuller.

    "Gosh Chief constable how bright you were to spot that", grinned grateful Billy

    "Oh I didn't spot it, Rick did and emailed me to take a look, help you out a bit" Fuller winked.

    "Is he ripping the p-ss again" snarled Billy in his best effort at a fierce voice.

    "Probably" said Fuller, "Is that your renowned telephone voice Bill ?"