Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothing to say really

As you know I'm not in the least self indulgent, rarely do I mention myself however after all the excitement of China Gate, I cannot get myself motivated to look for a subject to roll on about. Apart from anything else I was on a night shift, somewhere up in London last night, which I haven't done for a time, but generally I find, unless its winter my brain tends to turn, fuzzy.

I think I've mentioned before, some time ago, that musing and or rambling (well yes I do anyway) really aren't my cup of tea, so that's all folks, instead I shall be working on my novel, the central character being a rail worker, whose spare time is devoted to offending incompetent bureaucrats and politicians, by spending hours in front of a computer bashing together a weblog.

Doesn't look like a winner, anyway help may be at hand since jane wenham-jones (plain jane Gazette) has been kind enough to respond to my thinly disguised attempts to bludge a copy of her book "wanmnabe a writer?". I shall be engrossed for the next day or two. Thank you!

PS Mr Puss appears to be growing in popularity, since a request has been made by one journalist for a Hi res photo of Mr Puss at work, whether it gets published is another matter, hopefully not ,since he's likely to get even more self important, than he is now.


  1. Tony

    There was a tory councillor with aspirations to write a book on his experiences as an undercover agent performing missions into Ulster and Ireland. Let us call him Gorgeous George. And the story goes like this :

    Some wag sent him a letter on Panorama headed paper asking if he would delay writing his book and, in the meantime, be an expert also doing action work for a series of Panorama docudramas on the Irish conflict.

    The letter provided him with a phone number for Panoramas Colonel Guiness. If Guiness was unavailable perhaps he could talk to Major Mackeson (another stout fellow)or his secretary Miss Pandolfi.

    The story goes that the number was indeed called by the tory cllr already imagining himself in combat suit and ski mask doing the Panorama action. (OOOH Thanet will have to take me seriously now with my tales of military undercover derring doo doos)

    "There is no Colonel Guiness here"

    "No there is not a Major Mackeson either"

    "Yes there is a Pandolfi here but not a MIss Pandolfi and not a secretary !! He is me. DI. Interpol Liaison Section Scotland Yard and wondering how you a Thanet tory councillor got the police and judiciary only number of my office !!"

    Ken Pandolfi. Tee hee. You could have made our George a star ....

  2. Tony, don't miss the plain jane column this week, Mr Puss adorns the page.

  3. Plain Jayne tells us in her column that I excluded a punctuation mark from my comment on your blog Tony.

    I defend myself with the comment, I have more than one cat so the 'Cats litter tray' is not possesive, just descriptive. Hence no need for an apostrophe.

    Please check her book for puntuation

  4. Quite right Ken-anyone who writes a book Wannabe a writer maybe needs all the help she can get-also has'nt she got anything better to do than criticise someone else's punctuation when clearly she has'nt got her grammatical facts right!

  5. Love your spelling of punctuation, Ken!
    And if you have more than one cat it becomes cats' litter tray. It always needs an apostrophe - sorry!

  6. Well correct use of english belongs to lawyers and cretinous bureaucrats as far as I'm concerned. So long as someone can fill in the gaps when I miss a word or whatever who cares?

    were not scholl teachers?