Monday, March 23, 2009

20 Years from now Sandy’s Vision

As you can imagine Thanet’s own charismatic and inspirational leader Sandy “Achievements” Ezekiel is apparently interested in Thanet residents views (please no petitions though) on Thanet in “2030” since next Monday they (TDC) intend to publish a “Vision” of the future (lets just hope the “Vision” hasn’t been arrived at with mood enhancing potions).

Is it me or have Thanet councils press department been more productive recently and yet still no official mention of that nasty incident in the high street, leading to a censure of our beloved leader, still maybe that one’s gone to the top, being a bit sensitive, probably got the Chief Exec and mini Chief Exec on that one, drafting out a statement, assuming I understood correctly, that they would issuing something probably along the lines Drop the courtesy’s and Cop it.

Any way lets forget all about that, back to the “vision”, Cllr Sandy Ezekiel, talking about this commented "This is the council's vision of how we would like to see Thanet looking by the year 2030, but now it's over to local people. We want to find out whether they have any other ideas that we've missed that we can add into the document.” ……

I suppose we will have to wait till next week, but I can’t help thinking that, whatever vision they come up with, it will do little to improve the area, unless your a local developer.

In the meantime here’s my Vision of 20 years hence, Westwood Cross will be solid with traffic going nowhere, particularly once developers have built their massive housing estate, Kent council will still not have built a dual carriageway into Thanet, a half built Sea Bathing development will along with Dreamland, now be a wild life refuge for rats with old mattresses' an furniture to enhance the environment, in Ramsgate the Maritime Museum will be a distant memory as will the Turner Contemporary Gallery and those arts council bods who just ignored local input will be long gone, and unlike today, meek Tory councillors will be ruled by an overbearing foul mouthed leader, who has no respect or idea of how to behave in public.

Sorry that was more nightmare but that’s how things might be if people don’t start to engage in the democratic process or develop a backbone.

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