Monday, March 16, 2009


It was all a bit difficult to follow tonight's meeting of the standards board, since to start off with the person chairing the meeting didn't wish to use the PA and when she did nobody could turn the damn thing on.

So this may be entirely wrong but Sandy seemed to have copped for two counts of being naughty, young deputy Roger I think got off largely, since those deliberating didn't discuss anything in public, it seems through some telepathy, which was never explained by the chair of the meeting they agreed to accept the reports recommendation which I hope like me you read over the weekend.

A break in the public performance was required so that, the standards bods could confer on whether Sandy's and Roger note of apology to councillors and not least Councillor Iris Johnson was enough of a punishment (I suppose it must have been like writing one of those thank you letters, your mother used to make you write, thanking an aunt for some hideous knitted item given as present).

Anyhow it seems Roger's letter was sufficient, however Sandy has been censured by the standards board, which will no doubt guarantee his best behaviour in future and every thing will be back to normal.

PS I forgot to mention that this business is estimated to have cost around thirty grand, so for my money and yours Sandy's behaviour has not only tarnished the image of Thanet and offended democracy by his behavior toward Cllr. Iris Johnson but cost a fortune and it seems the public rebuke to be hardly much of a penalty at all. As I thought yesterday it will be G & T's all round in the Last Chance Saloon for Sandy and crew again.


  1. Yes what a shock Tony - you got onto your computer before me - doesnt do much for the credibility of local politics though does it?
    You can shout and swear at a mayoral dinner and get away with it and grab at ladies in a shop, take the witnesses out for lunch and get away with it? Honour and integrity are obviously words not known to leaders and deputy leaders in Thanet.
    Flaig for elected mayor - no party politics?

  2. A letter I sent to TDC Leader Cllr. Ezekiel tonight in response to his letter of 'apology' sent to councillors over a month ago.



    Cllr. Ezekiel

    I received your letter of 26/01/2009 (written on TDC headed paper) regarding yet further appalling behaviour by you, this time at the Edinburgh Woollen shop. As you are very well aware, this was yet another serious standards matter and I therefore waited until local proceedings were completed before replying.

    For someone who regularly comments in our local newspapers about ‘political correctness gone mad, I’m afraid your introductory paragraph smacks of hypocrisy. Thanet District Council may have made some progress on standards but absolutely no thanks to you or your persistent angry public outbursts.

    As for your opinion that it is not in the public interest to prolong matters, I disagree, the public needs to know just how you behave and I truly believe you should have resigned your position a long time ago.

    You then continue to give us more of the political correctness you so despise from others with the words ‘In retrospect I recognise that my choice of word may have not been ideal’.

    You also try to sum up your attempt at an ‘apology’ to the council with yet another astounding blend of hypocrisy and political correctness, using the words ‘I am also very clear that as Leader I have responsibility to demonstrate that even where difficulties between members do arise, they can be resolved sensibly’. I agree with you, but that’s exactly the point - you fail time and time again to do as you say.

    Lastly, but far from least, your final statement simply beggars belief ‘I intend to learn from this experience and invite all members of the Council to do likewise’. You truly think we all need to learn from your mistakes! The only lesson I draw from this further episode is that this District deserves a much better leader than you. Indeed, from your repeated bad behaviour I would say TDC would be hard pushed to find a worse example of leadership.

    Way back in July 2004 when residents of Surrey Road asked me to attend a meeting with you and them in your office, you slammed a door in my face and I quote the residents own words, printed in a local newspaper “Sandy Ezekiel was so rude and aggressive. It was awful”.

    At the Mayors Retiring Ball you ruined what had been a perfect evening for my wife and I and many others by shouting disgusting obscenities across a crowded room and behaving threateningly and aggressively towards our elderly Town Mayor and the Town Sergeant.

    At last year’s council AGM I was trying to explain to fellow members just how volatile your behaviour is when I was forced to stop and sit down by the Chairman. If only he had let me finish and some of your colleagues had listened, we might have avoided this further embarrassment for both the council and Thanet.

    As a County member I also have to put up with jibe after jibe about Thanet from your Tory colleagues across Kent simply because of your appalling ‘style of leadership’ and I for one am absolutely fed up with the place I love being tarnished by your appalling behaviour.

    Yes - you have made Thanet a laughing stock across Kent and you should resign immediately!

    Cllr. Clive Hart

  3. Will he - no integrity or honour to be seen in him.

  4. Cllr. Ezekiel should at least be given an ASBO !

  5. The f***ing to***r should resign.

  6. It would have been worth the 30 grand to get rid.

  7. The winter gardens episode is done and gone - yet nothing is ever mentioned about the "other" Cllr - namely the Mayor at the time who should be an ambassador for his town - not portraying the "goader" he was - who was I believe found "guilty" of his actions.

    Why dont you put your energy into saving the planet or something other than all this dribble.

  8. Anon 10:08 I'm fairly certain that your remark is wrong and perhaps someone could confirm, as also seem to remember the Gazette having to correct their original story.

    So if this is the case and someone would like to email me I will remove your remark.

  9. Anon 10.08:
    Why don't you put your energy into saving the planet or something instead of coming on here hassling people who are discussing their own local issues?