Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is this phishing is it Google or is it Goodbye

Just a quick one I received an email this morning, seemingly from google, jabbering on about I don't know what and then telling me that my account will be closed down if I don't confirm my user name, password, date of birth, and country by email.

I know google are not a bank but presumably if they wished me to confirm my status it would be through their website?

Anyhow whilst the email does not ask me to deposit money, in some dodgy Nigerian Bank, or invite me to purchase a bride from either Russia or the Philippines the last thing I want is someone logging into my account reading your emails, writing something that might entertain you lot, or upsetting my politician friends who are just perfect in every way.

Any suggestions? is this a variation on the standard Nigerian letter scam, is it Kosher or is my account about to close along with Bignews?


  1. If it doesnt come from google then do nothing other than what your already doing. IE asking other people. Have a look on Snopes.com to see if its listed as a scam or similar on there.

  2. Ignore it. It's a phish.

  3. http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/016647.html

  4. yeah, I got one of those from someone with a yahoo.com email address,,,,,,,,,,nuff said really,,,,

  5. Tony, there are so many weird and wonderful scams out there I wouldn't know where to begin!

    This one has a clear 'West African' accent, as you may have noticed and is a simple 'Phish' but the really clever ones most people wouldn't recognise as such.

    The best advice is don't trust any email from anyone you don't know and even if you do know them, think twice before opening any attachment or surrendering any persona details!

  6. 'Out there' is not the only place where scams are going on, Cllr Moores.

  7. Simon is right on the money on this topic. Never give out a password or other account details by email and don't assume good faith with links. A typical scam is to panic you and say "log in here" but the URL will be something like hsnc.co.uk.spammy.git.info...

    Treat email with the same sceptical eye as many announcements from our local, erm, governance is treated.

    There are a few tests about where you can find out how skilled you are at spotting them.