Monday, March 23, 2009

Here’s some music

Whilst I think of something to mention or comment on here’s some music, I found recently on Spotify, which is one the reasons I didn't get round to bloggin yesterday.

I spent my weekend waking hours at home reading the papers listening, to music, watching the telly and entertaining relatives.

I know I mentioned Spotify recently, it is one of the great internet inventions, along with Google Earth, streaming music (good quality), that you choose from a vast library, it’s served to you as you lounge about on the sofa, rather than hunting down some rare bit of scratched vinyl or CD in some box buried in the attic or cupboard under the stairs, all you have to do is remember the artist or title and wallop, if they’ve got it, its playing through your headphones in about a second.

If you have Spotify installed on you machine, click here it will link to some of my weekend listening if you don’t you will miss some classics from Bad Manners, the Beat, Specials, Steel Pulse, Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers, Bonzo dog, Elton John, Kraftwerk, the Pogues.

If you really need to read middle aged angst click here for Rod Liddle from yesterday Sunday Times, whose infinitely more readable than me and generally part of my weekend reading.


  1. Dinners on the table but will look later glad you had a good day Tony what about your wife did she enjoy it ?

  2. I believe so, what you having I've taken to salads of late.

  3. Roast pork we never managed a roast yesterday what with Kids church and hospital visiting. We had a huge fish and chips from the chippy opposite Tesco's in Northdown road and ate it on the promenade below the Bethesda surgery where the Jetski place is. See I know how to treat my missus.