Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New edition to Kent's Bloggerati.

Kent's leading political commentator Paul Francis has joined Kent's bloggerati, which of course is part of a trend followed by many journalists in recent times.

I understand from Paul, that at the moment his blog is in an embryonic stage and will be rejigged as soon as a new system is introduced.

Hopefully this will be a welcome addition, whether Paul will adopt a more casual style, similar to mine is doubtful, and being a blimin professional journalist, it's unlikely that there'll be any of the emotional hand bags at dawn, type stuff familiar to readers of Bignews Margate and dare I say Ramsgate's er .... Prima Donna opps, damn .... Thanet's Greatest living blogger (we've only just buried the hatchet again and frankly it still stings) .

Paul Francis, as Group Political Editor for the Kent Messenger Group is much appreciated by politicians throughout Kent. I expect that Kent's other bloggers' will be joining me in welcoming him to the Blogosphere. I expect that Paul Carter (Kent's top Tory) himself a top blogger will no doubt devote a few words of praise on his blog (hosted on KCC's website at your expense) since I understand he much enjoys Paul's ability to explain the workings of KCC.

I realize that this is hardly the most innovative addition to local media but at least it displays a positive attitude, as we all know that Kent's media, are suffering the effects of the crunch, but I get the impression that both the Kent Messenger Group and KOS (yourthanet etc.) are still advancing, whilst Northcliffe's, Kent regional newspapers have adopted a siege mentality and I understand are closing some of their papers.

I shall bung a link somewhere in the mean time click here.


  1. I never thought I'd hear you use such a luvvie term as "bloggerati", Tony!

    God! You've changed (!)

  2. Ive been using it since june 2007

    I have aspirations

  3. For me Tony it’s a classic case of when is a blog not a blog, no feeds so I can’t add it to my sidebar under recent comments, a character limiter that didn’t appear to work when I pasted my comment in so I don’t know if the whole comment will appear, and when I posted it no comment appeared nor did any message appear saying it would appear later if approved.

  4. news papers are in dire trouble at mo so maybe he see's it as a career move ? Michael I sort of understood your post but it took 3 reads ........... JUST SHOWS i AM A technophobe and that typo comes from sitting spralled on settee rying to type and drink coffee at same time

  5. Sorry Don being disabled as a child meant an absence of primary school education, so I often phrase things rather strangely.