Friday, March 06, 2009

Sex just to much information for Kent Police authority?

Just a quick reminder to those of you who are considering getting yourself involved in public life, you have just this weekend to complete your application to become a member of Kent’s Police Authority.

I think many of us are quite used to filling out job application forms, particularly in these days of prudent economic management, any how after you’ve filled out all the normal sort of job application form stuff, Kent Police include a “monitoring questionnaire”.

The main application form covers all the relevant stuff, you know, where’ve you been working, what have you done for the community, can you think strategically (if you can don’t bother), which is thorough enough and lengthy but once you’ve finished you have what seems a pointless and unnecessary questionnaire to fill in.

The questionnaire has the usual tosh about promoting equality, me, I’d be happy if they just said, that they followed UK employment legislation and not bother.

In the second paragraph of the questionnaire they mention that the form is for statistical purposes only, then make it clear it will not form part of the selection process, and immediately below place a box on the form that says Ref No and a blank box next to it?

Now I generally refuse to answer questions about ethnicity because its irrelevant since this country treats everyone equally, but on the odd occasion I’ve complied the choices have been simple, European, Asian, African & other which should cover all, even the odd applicant from the planet Zog.

However that apparently wouldn’t satisfy Kent Police, somehow they’ve managed to come up 15 different ethnic groups, and just in case they’ve missed one, they have a final “Any other”.

Maybe its my age or perhaps Kent police, are relentless, they want to know your religious leanings and even have the cheek to ask about your sexual orientation, which rather disappointingly, doesn’t have these answers, vertical, horizontal, sideways or swinging from the blimin chandeliers. For the time being, they will accept only bi, hetro, gay or prefer not to say, but no doubt they’ll refine this.

The monitoring question they might ask is :-

Which of these most closely describe you?

  • A) Conservative politician
  • B) Retired Civil Servant/ politician
  • C) Freemason
  • D) None of the above (No Chance)

Any way if you’d like to apply click here for an application pack, must be in by Monday sharp.

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  1. Members must be discreet

    A Chief Supt Chris Hogben former case

    Careful screening and selection for police officers. Then further selection for those entrusted with guns. Whoops.

    How is the James Shortt inquiry going Chief Supt Hogben ? His CV on net goes further than his days teaching "Close Quarter Battle" to off duty police at Deal Barracks. He claims to have been an official UK Police firearms trainer.

    The recent Cabinet security breach does not feature on his CV.

    The most important attribute of a Police Authority member is to be a condoner of fools who will not expose police folly. Ask Bill ...