Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Apologies to middle age fans of monotonous rock music, if your search engine has thrown you on to this page, unfortunately I am not discussing, tired rock acts, decades past their sell by date.

I'm discussing the perpetuation of things, as they are, maintained by the local media, the big news of course in Thanet, for those of us who have access, is naturally the latest judgment on Sandy Ezekiel's behaviour towards a fellow councilor although at this point in time, his latest condemnation goes largely unreported.

It would of course be unfair to tarnish all of our local media with the same suggestion because clearly there are differences, at the standards committee meeting on Monday, were two journalists, Tom Betts and Thom Morris both competent and professional writers, although at this point in time most of us have only seen Tom Betts report, which was available via the Internet yesterday and can be read on page three of today's yourthanet, unfortunately Thom Morris's report will probably not see the light of day till Friday's Gazette, which is a waste, for some reason either the editor's or perhaps Northcliffe media themselves have some strange idea that news coincides with the publication date of their newspapers, which makes you wonder why they have an Internet presence.

Anyway it's to the credit of both Kent on Sunday's yourthanet and the Gazette that they thought the standards board deliberations worthy of reporting, still it'll be interesting to see what prominence Rebecca Smith gives the story on Friday.

Notable omissions from covering this item would seem to be KM Group & BBC, however on checking I understand Kent Messenger Group, report the matter prominently! on page six of this weeks Extra and it may well also feature on their otherwise excellent KentOnline website some time in the future. BBC Kent didn't think it news at all.

One can only guess why the KM groups editorial bods, do not report in a more timely fashion council leader Sandy Ezekiel's latest appalling behaviour. BBC local news, seem to prefer to confine themselves to news trivia and will probably, be shortly putting tough questions to Sandy Ezekiel, on cafe culture, with him stood on Margate seafront, no doubt with accompanying shots of donkeys on the beach.

It seems rather strange, that professional purveyors of news, either ration news or prefer to dribble it out, still you can imagine they're difficulty, I should think even the most belligerent supporter of Sandy Ezekiel must be a little embarrassed at these errors of judgment, and of course the deafening silence from the likes of Simon Moores and of course Ken Gregory, unpalatable as it sounds maybe Sandy Ezekiel is the best of Tories have got, which reminds me of the old saying that in some areas so long as the candidate is a Conservative, they'd get elected even if they were a er...................

Sadly for us here in Thanet, you’d not be alone if you got the impression that Sandy, has learnt nothing from the latest rebuke, to finish here’s a quote courtesy of yourthanet “Labour would call for me to resign, but I will not be standing down. I stand by my record as leader and the things we have achieved in that time.

Apart from doing nothing for the reputation Thanet what achievements? answer on a postcard, the back of a postage stamp or in the comments below.


  1. Hold on Tony, I already made my simple point on my weblog, so you can't really accuse me of a "Deafening silence" really!

  2. Come off it, Simon! You have studiously avoided comment on the issue Tony is discussing; i.e. the position of your Leader Cllr Ezekiel.
    I am pleased to read on Thanetlife that TDC is improving. Your comments do however remind me of the The Marlowe Academy highlighting its improvements in A-C GCSE passes from 3% to 7%.That said all improvement, no matter what the 'base' line is, must be for the better and as such is good news. The Leader of TDC scoring no less than 2 Standards Failures in 15 months is not.

  3. Seems that all tories been taken in and no-one got any fight to take over - sad reflection of what the Conservative councillors think the people of Thanet deserve - a yob to lead the council.He told us he just wants to get on with the job - what an arrogant statement. Makes me sorry to think i ever called myself a Conservative if that is what they stand for.

  4. The owners of the local press, Margate's MP and the council are all cosy Tories together.

  5. Question:
    Why should we move on from discussing the behaviour of our local leaders? Isn't that part of the problem? We too often do.

  6. Remind me I missed it Simon!

    Anon 04:46 We would like to move on, but can't till the tories develop a backbone.

    Twice now the leader has been found to have behaved in an entirely inappropriate way. Its not good enough! and for members to accept the status quo is inexcusable.

    Simple question for Simon or any other conservative member, do we in Thanet want a political leader who allows things to get heated yes or no?

  7. For the benefit of Simon Moores I checked out his recent musings and can find not even an oblique reference to Thanets leading Bruiser?