Saturday, March 21, 2009

Laura’s Destination nowhere

I see that Thanet’s premier Tory wannabe Laura Sandys has been busy bodying, holding a gathering of tourism experts with the intention of building on the area’s historical past and good luck to her!

I just wonder whether one of the ideas will be to have guided tours to say, Thanet’s now defunct museums or under used assets like the previously mentioned Tudor House.

I hope Laura is successful in promoting this area,  I just wonder if Sandy “Achievements” Ezekiel was present at the meeting explaining his strategy for conserving the past by err.. closing it, then selling it off.

Whilst were on history, aside from the political stuff I trust they had input from Derek Harding (Margate Regeneration) who has some good ideas on promoting this part of the world.

Obviously Laura Sandys concerns are centred on Ramsgate and Sandwich, the later being the most perfect medieval town, which if it were promoted correctly would be heaving  with visitors.

This area is well known, for its visitors and past residents like Dickens, Turner, Vincent van Gogh but for my money the most significant figure to have resided in these parts would be Thomas Paine who had a business in Sandwich before moving to Margate, since this guy has immense significance to the creation of America, he is obviously a figure worth being associated with in terms of history and tourism.

Anyway perhaps Laura might do more for the area than Ladyman has, although her colleagues in the Conservative party have done little to improve Thanet’s standing in the world so far and given that she seems blisfully unaware of Sandy Ezekiel's handy work in the heritage department, I don't think she offers any great hope.


  1. No, Tony, it's just another attempt by the Tory candidate to jump on another bandwagon. She's such a busy person I'm surprised she has time to run them all. What happens after the election should she win? Will all these 'think-tanks' still be there or will they have done their job and quietly disband?

  2. Give her a chance she is definitely better looking and you cant blame her for trying she would be good for the local area

  3. Get real, Don. We're now in the 21st century and should look beyond the candidates looks. Do you seriously think she'll be hanging around once elected? She'll be back in London, her natural habitat, as soon as she can. All these think-tanks are just a way of raising her profile. How about asking her about her party's policies if/when they win the next election? Her glossy leaflets are out-of-date covering topics the current government has already dealt with.

  4. Thank god for the local Labour mob that looks aren't important.

  5. Anon 05:52:I aint realy worried if she looks like a barn door I just think she will do a better job than Ladyman . Before to long there will be a general election and what she is doing is raising her profile. I havent so much as heard of the current incumbent thatI am begining to think he has disappeared.

  6. Sorry but Thanet is destination nowhere until local tories led by Sandy Ezekiel are out !