Monday, March 23, 2009

Jade Goody

I suppose, I said just about what I wanted too about Jade Goody a week or so back, I’m sure that her family and friends will appreciate, just what a remarkable women she was.

I’m a cynic but Jade Goody’s determination to provide for her family has been incredible, her boys will have every reason to be immensely proud of their mother, its just a tragedy they’ll not have the chance to tell her.


  1. De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Errare humanum est. Requiscat in pace.

  2. Enough with the "remarkable" or "courageous". Jade Goody was thick , and it is depressing to see the fuss being made about her including a full page obituary in the Guardian . there would have been people who died yesterday who actually did something for society and provided decent role models.
    If you had ben on the Thanet loop with Miss Goody you would have found her pretty disgusting , so it can only be the money that impresses you

  3. I take it your part of Thanet's Eugenics movement anon 8:09.

    Such spite is also remarkable a thing. I'm comfortable with my situation, clearly those most critical have presumably failed in life somehow and are bitter twisted as a consequence.

    Bertie Biggles feels it necessary to show us, how clever he is by using latin, why god alone knows, maybe its a sort of intellectual funny handshake.

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  5. Speak no ill of the dead (or nothing but good). To err is human. May she rest in peace.

    I thought these Latin sayings would be understood by most, Tony and apologise for not using the vernacular. I hope my message is clearer now and I will not comment further on Jade Goody's life; perhaps others might consider doing like-wise.

  6. you'll have to forgive my primitive grasp of English, Bertie.

    I was taught in Kent's segregated school system, which writes off such things as latin to 80% of the schools population.

    As you know Kent Education has been skewed so that it favours middle class children.

    If at first you don't succeed (@ eleven), in Kent your pretty much stuffed. Sorry for that digression.

  7. I find it a pity that some of those holding a low opinion of Jade Goody's personality and behaviour do not have the common decency to remain silent on the matter in public.

  8. "intellectual funny handshake"

    A phrase to remember and quote Tony! Like most English folk, I speak no Italian, ancient or modern.

  9. I was not interesteded in Princess Diana's death, appart for feelings for her family , ( mum died two months later) I did however with Jade Goody, not cos I admired her, or thought she was a amazing person, but because she reminded me that it is over a year ago I had a smear test.. at my age normally you have them done 3 yearly in the uk, but at the age of 20 I had CIN 1 and had treatment (i believe now its 25 before smears are done) I hadn't had sex v late starter and if you knew my mum the midwife you would know why! I was extremely upset I had got it, especially when a dr I asked said, well your only worried because people will now you are premiscious! Gynie doctor when I told him said, he should try telling that to the nuns on my list! and since then it been proved its a virus!
    I had a smear yearly for ten years and then gain the cin 1 came back, and for the perdantics, mine was monitored for along time before they treated! I nagged my mum long and hard to have a smear, when she did she had cancer, along with her breast cancer, I will never know which killed her but smears are undignifed but life saving.