Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just when you think things aren’t that bad

I was pondering as I cycled along the cliff top in Clifftonville, that maybe things are not bad as they seem, I had a gander at the new play area, which all credit to those responsible, looks fantastic.

I was so positive that I was willing to ignore the TDC press release which started “Thanet's historic Viking connections will be celebrated….” and curb my usual morose reaction which would be to ask what’s to celebrate about a bunch of looting, pillaging etc Norsemen on holiday in Thanet.

That was until I received an email from Cllr Clive Hart, telling me that flower beds were in danger outside the bowling greens in Eastern Esplanade, as TDC attempt to grass them over, rest assured Cllr Hart has informed Chief Exec.

Anyhow I expect a photo opportunity for Cllr Clive Hart coming up, some time soon, either in front of endangered flowers or the Viking Playground or both, looking stoic or triumphant depending on the location and story, in at least one of the locals’, incidentally the play area will be official opened @ 11:30 on April 2nd, and no surprise not open for children until Friday 3rd of April.

Still in other news Mr Puss was spotted getting in a bit of late afternoon sunshine, as he starts his strict spring exercise regime, seen here limbering up with a few gentle stretches as he gets into shape for summer.limbering up for summer Late news, I see that, Michael Child has been bigging up Manston on Newsroom South East tonight cheers!


  1. My anger is at the lack of consultation in regards to the removal flower beds outside the bowls club. Neither ward councillors or residents were asked what they thought. And all this comes as the Cabinet member boasted of 100,000 flowers to be planted across Thanet. It's double standards in my book and as a ward councillor I will do all I can to expose the issue and get the 'decision' reversed. It goes completely against all we are working for in Cliftonville West where trying to foster a sense of pride has to be a key objective. The flower beds were on the edge of the Renewal Area where maintaining and improving public spaces is supposed to be a priority. Fact is - its penny pinching and its taking place at the end of the road in which the cabinet member for finance lives.

  2. One area that is also a credit to all involved - i think also Cllrs Hart and co is the garden area by where you part for Bugsys bowling - the square really looks rejuvenated and is a real credit to the area with its garden and smaller play area! I dont often go there but happened to park there whilst picking up my kids from a bowling party and on sunday it looked at its best!

  3. Oh Clive! Your anger would be treated as more real if it had not been so often synthetically rehearsed and dissipated over so many half truths before. Your Mum clearly never read to you the story of the boy who cried 'wolf'?

    You are sostrident at the same level over everything that no one listens any more. Sad, but true.

  4. Ah, I now know why you are so upset. When logging onto the blog you misunderstood the sidebar headline about a 'Hart' memorial...but then agian you would have to have left us Clive, would you not.....?

  5. anon 1026 since your comment is anon i have removed

    i suggest that you create your own blog rather than sneak unsubstanciated comments on this blog

  6. Chris and Clive, it's a long time until June 4th, can you keep this up?

    Clive, Case Kent? SSCF? 100,000 pounds or 100,000 flowers. Which is more in the public interest?

  7. exactly the sort of petty fighting between councillors that turns everyone off!

  8. No petty fighting on my half. I simply exposed the double standards of a ruling Conservative group boasting of planting over 100,000 flowers across Thanet whilst grassing over flower beds in Cliftonville. However, it comes as no surprise to me that the Broadstairs District & Town councillor Chris Wells can only scoff. He may have hoodwinked local people on 2005 to become the second KCC Councillor for Margate & Cliftonville but it is clear where his heart really is and I doubt that he would ever have noticed these flower beds even existed as they're not in Broadstairs. He's been like this for 4 years and he'll still expect local people to go out and vote for him in June. Please read all the previous comments and decide for yourself who genuinely cares about Margate & Cliftonville.

  9. I dont scoff at the issue, it is the constant hysterical tone of Clive's endless missives that damages his case the whole time. People see who it is from, and delete them often because it will be yet another rant - as this blog and others clearly show.

    Sometimes getting things done is not about shouting, its about getting them done. Clive has been shouting about a Childrens Centre in the area for some time - but I took the plans and the available building to the right desk in Maidstone when it became available and now its happening.

    Clive holds his surgeries in the ST pauls Community Centre - but it was I who kept it alive, and pushed for its refurbishment and better community use.

    Local newpapers always point out that when there is an election in the air, they could paper the walls with Clive's press releases, most of which, mercifully, they dont use, most of which we all get through his constant email battering service.

    Anon of 9.03 is right, it will be a long election campaign, and when it is over we will see what the electorate want - lots of noise, or quiet action. It is truly up to them.