Friday, March 20, 2009

Whatever happened to this Margate Treasure?

About two days a year its possible to wander round Margate’s Tudor House, these are fairly random events but with Sandy “look at my achievements” Ezekiel’s administration well into the process dismantling Thanet’s cultural assets, destroying local museums, what’s the chance of this property ever being made best use of.

I remember reading recently somewhere that furniture which had been on display in the house had been disappeared bit like that big painting in the entrance of Margate Library before they turned into the grisly gateway thing.

It’s probably best not to mention it because the chances are that some half wit will be wanting to sell it off to their developer pals.


  1. I was once offered the job of caretaker of the place because i used to work for Thanet Archaeological Society and would have loved to do the job, but when the big boss came and saw me (i was a punk rocker at the time)he took one look at me and said no way am i having THAT working here. Didnt matter that i knew more about what was on show in there than anyone else it mattered how i looked. I still walk past the place and wonder what would have happened if they had let me do it, i almost guarantee that i would still be thewre now almost 30 years down the line. Shame coz i loved the place - still do and for all intents and purposes am still a punk rocker even tho i dont look like i used to. I wish people would get past their petty prejudices and realise there are people who genuinely care about places like this and would love to be given a chance but wont be because someone with unjustified sense of importance says they cant.

  2. Tony, the painting by James Webb (1869) is tucked away somewhere snug as TDC have now realised it is worth a hundred grand. Rumour has it, that they intend to display it in the Winter Gardens.
    As for the Tudor House furniture, all the items are a long term loan. But we are not supposed to know this as such information is safe guarded by the Data protection act. However, in true Thanet style some of it is missing from the original inventory.

  3. I am disappointed in the way the council treats our heritage and I know a lot of the members read this blog so just remember who puts you into the position of representing us