Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine plus guilt free music

What a brilliant Sunday, sun shining, not one for indulging in bloggin and local political machinations or negative middle aged angst, much enjoyed by the likes of me and others. I thought I’d give it a miss.

I’d intended to spend most of yesterday reading the papers or bloggin but got side tracked ploughing through the Sunday Times, somewhere half way through the News section was an article mentioning Spotify a new legal website offering music free, financed either by advertising or subscription.firstly

So instead of reading anymore I spent the morning listening to music, some of which I’ve not heard in years Sam Cooke – Chain Gang, Sinatra - Young at Heart, Beach Boys -Fun, Fun, Fun, Little Deuce Coupe, Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians, Darude –Sandstorm, Stevie Wonder – Uptight, Curtis Mayfield – Move on up, Joan Osborne – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (better than Jimmy Ruffin), Jimi Hendrix – Gypsy Eyes, Who – Who Are You, Baba O’Riley, Rod Stewart – Gasoline Alley, Hall & Oates – Rich Girl

I much recommend this addition for any PC however cluttered with other junk like faceache twatter and even blogger. The only downside is the occasional advert which is fairly unobtrusive and far better than listening to local radio particularly if all you want is music and not someone halfwit DJ’s interpretation of world affairs.

After playing with this I was dragged from the house, for the first cycle of the year, by Mrs Me, not too far, just down to the front at Broadstairs, nipping in to relatives on the way to see if we could bludge a meal (my credit crunch idea), ended up at the Dickens, blimey how much ? (I’m not too used to buying drinks in pubs) Five pound something for a blimin Kronenburg and small glass of wine, still I suppose it would be the same at a McForleys Tavern although generally I find J D Wetherspoons (pity there’s only the one in Thanet) don’t bring on a panic attack, any how the food was reasonable and not a bad price.

The Beach was packed (it is still March), as per the photo at the top, god knows what other bloggers found to write about yesterday?shopped

As you know the arts is not my strong point and this is a rare digression, any how if you’d like to listen to my first Spotif playlist click here it will send you to a page that has the list and some I didn’t mention, or you can always wait till I get the call from desert Island Discs.

One other tangent is one a recent additions to my favourites list, Joan Osborne – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted which I first heard a few weeks ago, when BBC Four showed the Documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” about the Funk Brothers, the musicians behind the Motown sound which was still on You Tube earlier today click here.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. I should get out more!


  1. Tony coming to the jamboree today - can save you a place in the queue if you want!