Saturday, March 28, 2009

Comment Moderation removed

Hooray! I've lifted comment moderation, I know that I encourage abuse, by writing this stuff, so knock yourself out, if you're part of that section of readers, whose reaction to my erratic analysis and ill-conceived rantings are to indulge in trivial insults, enjoy.

Anyhow moving on I've not posted yesterday, for no reason other than, I couldn't think of anything to get my teeth into, there were a few things that tempted me.

Briefly I was tempted to post something when Paul Carter talking about Icelandic Banking, seemed to me, to be making light of a few mill disappearing down the swanny, on the 6 o'clock news last thursday, however it couldn't have been that important since BBC's Newsroom South East programme took no account of what proceeded, and rather than expand on the issue, they took the brave choice not to mention it, any how I've written to their editor ( I don't think they do politics).

Also I can't find any video on BBC to link the piece on the six o'clock, so I can't refer to it in any reliable way. Suffice it to say the top bods at Kent are not happy as reported by Paul Francis ( KM Group political Editor) who mentions that Peter Gilroy C.E. of KCC and Paul Carter Tory Leader have written rather a strong letter to the audit commision.

I see that Kent's police are to issue Tasers to traffic officers, according the police federation in Kent seems they'd like more dished out to officers and Ian Pointon had this to say "TASER is a vital piece of safety equipment. It protects officers, the public and enables violent offenders to be subdued with no ill-effects. Kent Police's decision to leave TASER in the hands of a few officers, often miles away from where it is needed, is plain crazy."

The Police are one of those public services, where staff earn their pay, particularly in the case of those in front line, that said, having seen how Kent Police conducted things at the Kingsnorth Climate Change protest, it seems to me, that its probably sensible to not to issue Tasers widely, its bad enough getting a clout with a baton or riot shield for being merely being present at a protest but being Zapped ?

Also whilst I'm no doubt upsetting members of the Police Federation, I suggest that they take an objective view of their Kent website graphics (on the publications page) which show officers (although they look like Darth Vader wanabees) in a rather combatative attire Gas Masks and Helmet and like at Kingsnorth no identify numbers sending out the wrong signals, for what are, at the end of the day public servants. 

For the moment thats all I have to say but as the economy seems to make little improvement despite me offering to spend the rest of my life paying taxes so bent bankers can continue to collect bonuses, I might just do a bit about Gordon Brown shortly.


  1. All the KCC execs are Icelandic bankers if you ask me.

  2. Where do you get the idea that the police are public servants. Thats what they are SUPPOSED to be but in fact are not. If you look on Dunne and Bradstreet you will find that Kent County Constabulary like all other Police forces are listed as a trading company which means they are not public servants but government revenue collectors and a for profit organisation and the sooner people realise that the Police are NOT in fact public servants the better. For further info on this please go to and watch the video where it is explained the difference between a police MAN and a police OFFICER (anonymity removed as comment moderation was)

  3. Dunne and Bradstreet again ? I tried looking last time you nsaid about them and they wanted money from me to check your references som I shant bother again, All I will say is you would look silly withouit the police and some of the burks who turn up looking for anarchy at protests need to be greeted by some other less toleraant countries police services

  4. Don, you dont need to have an account at DnB to search for corporations which is what Kent County Constabulary are, they are a profit making corporation, if they werent they wouldnt be listed there, you only need to pay to view their reports. Have you actually looked at the video on, its not about getting rid of the police, its about making them aware that what they are doing is wrong and educating them to the fact that they are wrong and pointing them in the right direction, without violence - please view the video on said site and then re-comment or will you just carry on blindly accepting things the way they are. You never know you might learn something