Monday, March 02, 2009

Don’t Clown with Kent Police

Last years climate change demonstrations at Kingsnorth were more dangerous than many of us thought, not only were protesters intent on walking into batons and riot shields but worse than that, the guardian has revealed things could have taken a darker twist.

The guardian’s report gives us a clue as to why Kent police had to spend millions, for it seems that closing down Kingsnoth Power station was just a side show, amongst the items seized were balloons, party poppers, crayons and a clowns outfit. It doesn’t take a chief constable to work this one out, these blighters were clearly trying to organise a kids party.


If you’d like to read more about this click here for the guardian story, alternatively you can click here and watch this BBC report from last year showing Kent’s police’s light touch with first a riot shield (20sec into report) and then a baton (30 sec into report).


  1. Not to mention that someone walked straight in past the Kent Police cordon and switched the power station off.

    Hope you are following Thanet Police current inquiries into the Baron Castleshortt's history of access to Deal Royal Marines Barracks ?

    Now there is a lad with a dressing up cupboard or should that be cabinet ?

  2. Police aggression is fairly common place in Thanet judging by the conversations I've had of late. There seem to be a select few that truly enjoy hurting people. I recently had a pint with a man who finds Thanet police so intimidating he'd feel safer if the area was lawless. That's fairly extreme but the general sentiment is not so uncommon.

  3. Nothing wrong with police agression scroats behave or youwill get spattered

  4. Anyone notice an absence of numbers on the "police" on the front line of that demo?