Friday, March 13, 2009

Council Ignore Residents

Just had this in from Clive Hart Local and County Councillor, I don't usually allow for guest blogging or contributions but as I'm otherwise occupied I'll let you take a gander, a quick glance would indicate that Councillor Wells is fearless as far as upsetting locals despite the fact that he will be presumably be seeking re-election to KCC.

This is the email text received from Clive Hart

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From: Clive Hart
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 10:57 AM

Dear Mr Ferrin
I am writing to ask you to overturn a recommendation made by Thursday's Thanet Joint Transport Board - to make permanent an experimental yellow line outside no's. 17 to 25 St Peters Road in Margate (item 12 on the agenda).
I believe the recommendation is extremely bad practice indeed and runs roughshod over local residents rights to consultation. This surely cannot be the way to engage with residents - by simply ignoring them.
I paste below an outline of the debate at the Thanet JTB meeting where the overwhelming majority of evidence was in support of removing the yellow line which officers clearly explained had not worked during the 'experimental' period.
Kind regards
Clive Hart - KCC Member for Margate & Cliftonville
At the very start of the meeting Cllr Wells did at least declare a 'personal' interest this time. At the last Thanet JTB meeting he failed to do so and I understand, ended up having to apologise.
On item 12:
Firstly Highways officers gave an excellent verbal report confirming their comprehensive written document and fully explaining their reasons for recommending the removal of the yellow line.
Speaking under special procedure rules the Margate Central District Ward councillor Iris Johnston then spoke strongly in favour of removing the yellow line.
As soon as debate opened Cllr. Wells put forward an amendment to make the yellow line permanent.
I spoke firmly against making the yellow line permanent, explaining local residents serious concerns and passing on letters, pictures and a DVD given to me by residents for the chairman.
Cllr. Doug Clark (who had correctly made a declaration of interest - as he lives in St Peters Road) then informed the meeting that residents appeared firmly against the yellow line and wanted it removed ASAP.
Cllr. Alan Poole voiced serious concern about Cllr. Wells even speaking and said he was surprised he had, given what had happened at the previous meeting. Cllr. Poole also spoke strongly in favour of removing the yellow line.
Cllr. Burgess then said that all the houses in this particular part of St Peters Rd had drives so leaving the yellow line in front of them didn't matter. Officers immediately responded and explained what nonsense that statement was.
It went to the vote and I'm pretty sure EVERY Conservative member voted to make the yellow line permanent. Many either looked away or down at the table as they voted.
I have never seen a meeting where the argument went so convincingly one way and the vote went completely the other.
Cllr. Clive Hart - KCC Margate & Cliftonville.


  1. Tony, thaks for this. Wells, Hart, whoever else is mentioned on there, nice to see they are spending so much time on a pathetic issue such as a yellow line outside 5 houses, yet allow 5 minutes at an extraordinary council meeting to go through a submission from the chair of the KIA consultitive committe.

    Tired old men bickering over insignificant issues.

  2. I take it you walk everywhere smeg,insignificant to you but presumably a vote winner for Chris Wells (at TDC but not I fear with residents)

  3. Oh come on you lot, ALL matters such as this are important to the people who are involved, is SMEG saying that Cllrs should not 'bother' with issues that are not in his/her remit. Last group of folk who took that view were in Germany in 1935

  4. PS the majority of the population of the UK do not support income tax, but it still happens

  5. I seems that if you want huffing and puffing and letters to the paper about your own self importance,Cllr Hart and Labour is for you.

    If you want a result, then Chris Wells quiet efficiency is clearly the place to go.

  6. I think that Cllr Hart should try and use St Peters Road when there are idiots parked on yellow line. One leaves his car on the yellow line and also on the pavement, obstructing the pavement for elderly and disabled and he has the cheek to put up a blue disabled badge. Disabled? what is? not his care or conscience for other disabled and blind persons obviously. This is a fast road, it shouldn't be but it is and is used frequently by lorries, ambulances, fire engines and police cars. Cars parked on this narrow road cause hazards, several times whilst driving along this road |I have seen people nearly killed. Last week I stopped to allow traffic through because of the idiot parking his Blue Land Rover Freelander illegally, and some idiot. probably one of cllr harts electorate pales overtook those of us waiting and headed straight into on coming traffic and then drove along the pavement to get past them, rather than objecting to the yellow lines, perhaps Cllrs Hart and Johnston would be better trying to get the road made one way for safety. I have observed an ambulance trying to collect a person for hospital with it's blue lights on and the cars parked have caused a bottleneck and people were getting angry at the ambulance personnel. Lets get priorities right and perhaps Mr Blue Land Rover Freelander you ignorant man will think of others not themselves.

    Miss Grumpy( but only when upset by idiots)

  7. The council ignoring the residents how ridiculous!!.
    This issue concerns essentially five houses that all have off street parking. I live in this road and these residents are always parking across the path and leaving their own drives empty. My mother is disabled and has to go into the road to get past the cars. I don't know what happened at the meeting nor do I care, common sense has reigned. I have no views for or against Chris Wells, but he is one of the few councillors to grasp the nettle with issues and use his common sense. Councillor Hart and Iris Johnson should be ashamed of themselves they know the problems in this road. If they spent less time worrying about re-election and more time addressing issues they may have more support. I am normally a Labour voter, but hats off to the conservatives on this occasion.

    St Peters Road resident

  8. I can’t believe Councillor Hart’ and Iris Johnson, where do these people come from. St Peters road has been a pain for years; it’s the most busy and dangerous road to and from Margate to Broadstairs. I both walk and drive this way every day and almost everyday there are several cars parked across the path outside houses 17-25. The other day I was waking down this road when a resident drove out of his drive and parked outside his own house and then went back inside. These people beggar belief!!. I am glad the lines are down and if Chris Wells are guilty of anything he is guilty of not pushing for double lines!! I don’t care what party is responsible for keeping this line, but well done. I for one shall see how often those residents ignore those lines and if they do, I shall now keeping calling the council/police until they tow their cars away. Come on residents or 17-25 (I know it’s not all of them), have a bit of respect for your neighbours and other residents and STOP PARKING ON THE PATH…IT’S ILLEGAL!!

    Fed up of st Pater’s

  9. What a fuss over a few lines. Do we need more lines, if people are parking n the path call the police, the police will move them for you and save you a whole lot of stress. No-one can park on the footpath, not even the council or police so even if one of these residents has got disabled status he or she is still breaking the law. Stop complaining about it, get yourself a camera and photograph them, that’s how traffic wardens do it and this counts as evidence.
    I am not at all surprised councillor Hart and Johnson are bleating, that’s what they do. Looks like it was put to the vote and you lost Labour, deal with it you saps. Sour grapes?

    The only issue that mystifies me is why Iris Johnson would object to the lines, she must be aware of the parking on the path I have seen her skulking about round there, is she blind, or chasing election favours from the few residents that live by the lines?

    Rebecca (anon)