Saturday, May 02, 2009

Things to do on a Bank Holiday Weekend No.1 idea (Read something)

I have the ideal way to spend your Bank Holiday, and you don’t have to  worry about the weather ruining your weekend, instead of  hoping for sunshine and good weather, why not sit indoors and ponder which way, your not going to vote, in the coming Kent council elections, this way you won’t be disappointed when it rains as you arrive at your  favourite place or beauty spot or even light the Barbeque. lesswaffle

So if that excites you, you’ll currently find links to the counties mainstream parties, Manifestos in the sidebar, with the Libdems hot off the hard drive and fresh as a daisy, added as I write this stuff.

Incidentally if you happen to be a member of a frankly more cranky political persuasion, but have a manifesto for Kent send me an email and I'll endeavour to link to it.

I will at some point have a good read myself, and let you know which way Bignews is voting, assuming I don’t draft my own manifesto! Anyway before that, I will just get the old bike out the shed.

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