Monday, June 22, 2009

Chance to sort your choppers out, maybe?

News has arrived from Thanet's Labour party bunker, courtesy of Councillor Clive Hart, that the NHS Eastern and coastal PCT have announced extra funding for dental services in Thanet.

This of course will be a relief, to I imagine the lucky few, since the sums involved are relatively pitiful, Broadstairs will receive an extra £300,000 and Cliftonville £649, 000.

Myself being 50 plus, and obviously with an increasingly dodgy memory, recall back in the nineteen sixty's that NHS dentists, were pretty commonplace until Mrs. Thatcher's reign saw many disappear, a trend which has continued during much of the labour party's recent time in office.

Apparently the money is aimed at making sure, residents in the most need are helped, what I would like to know, is what ever happened to universal healthcare? Something Labour used to promote.

Clearly senior Labour politicians have had more important things to worry about than providing health care, like MPs who still believe that we should feed them, despite damn good salaries and in several cases second jobs.

Anyway to take your mind off dentistry, the photograph above is similar (but not the same) to the view, I had from the chair of my childhood dentist, which I would concentrate on, intently, whilst, I had tried to believe that dentist's usual bollix statement, "this won't hurt you" was true and of course it bloody well wasn't.

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