Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Upset at BBC as Oldies are culled

Shock and horror, sums up the reaction, to news that Geoff Clark and Beverley Thompson are to be retired from presenting BBC’s South East News according to

This occurred last Wednesday, and frankly I didn’t spot this till Monday, as far as I’m concerned they do a good job, although the content of the programme is pretty much “cats up a tree” sort of journalism, and whilst they say, they (BBC) now wish to be more journalistic, I wonder why they don’t dump the editor first (presumably he is younger) as he would be the main reason for the programmes content currently not being too journalistic?

As someone who is getting on and apparently dull boring etc this is of great interest………


  1. I think it a wicked shame.
    They do a good job and are good together.
    The old question "Why fix something that ain't broke?"

  2. Absolutely with you on this one Tony, they are two of the best news presentation teams around.