Friday, June 12, 2009

China Gateway a lost opportunity

Did anyone else notice the timing of the visit by the delegation from China at the proposed site of China Gateway, 5th June, rather than the 4th June which would have been an ideal day to visit.(link here for Thanet Times Story)

Had Ken Wills, whipped out his helicopter on the Thursday 4th, instead of Friday, he would have been able to fly over Isle with his guests and shown the joyous crowds of Thanetonians exercising that quant British tradition of voting or not, for a rag bag of politicians selfless, selfish, mainstream and bonkers.

At the same time perhaps, Ken Wills (CGP) or Roger Latchford (the acceptable face of Thanet’s Tories) could have made polite conversation about Tiananmen Square where twenty years earlier 2500 men and women, were murdered and up to 30,000 injured by the Chinese authorities, still these figures from the Red Cross were hastily corrected after a visit from the management.

You might feel, that reference to China’s human rights violations are as welcome as a tank in a town square, or indeed a bullet flying through the air at an unarmed democrat. Still you have a choice.

Since we live in a community influenced largely by a Christian heritage its in our nature to be tolerant and in a pragmatic business world if we can screw some advantage from Chinese business, lets do it.

Still I’m just a little worried by a few things, our drinking water, whether we the taxpayer are putting money into this scheme through Seeda (South East England Development Agency), CGP require land owned by the Taxpayer and I’m not sure KCC or Thanet are up to the job (Iceland Banks) of getting a fair price, one in ten Jobs are to be Chinese nationals, and finally once CGP have acquired all the planning consents and the land, will we see an end to the largess of local developers apparently happy to assist Thanet South Labour (£25000), and I understand more importantly some wonger to help with TDC’s Big Event in Margate.


  1. Maybe also due to the fact that the number 4 in Chinese is also pronounced like the Chinese word for DEATH.
    It is a very unlucky number and is to be voided at all costs.
    A little factoid for you :)

  2. "Roger Latchford - acceptable face of Thanet's Tories" - bit of an oxymoron?