Monday, June 08, 2009

Thought for the day - BBC Radio Kent are they up to covering politics?

cooked breakfast Is this the way to cover the European Elections BBC Radio Kent’s John & Jules Breakfast programme posed the question did you vote tactically? referring to the European Elections.

It seems rather a shallow question to me, with a tendency to devalue the democratic process, perhaps a more balanced question might have been “why did you vote the way you did?”

I voted for what I believed in at the time of placing my cross as I imagine was the case for most of us.

I have been rebuked! apparently as the show progressed throughout the morning, the question I heard had gradually evolved, so what I eventually heard “Did you vote tactically?” had somehow mutated from “How did you vote and why?” both questions were open and would no doubt have elicited a more general response.

My apologies, although in mitigation I came to John & Jules BBC Radio Kent show, as a traumatised refugee from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme having been listening to John Humphrys ruthless interrogations of weak and feeble politicians.


  1. See the letters page of Kent on Saturday.

    Dumbing down!

  2. Political coverage in the local media is now at the level where it would almost be better if there were none at all.

  3. The breakfast show used to be amusing, with its presenter who was surely the inspiration for Alan Partridge, but now with the gobby woman it is unlistenable. Yet another reason for objecting to paying the iniquitous licence fee.