Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Step Back in Time as Feudal Kent Appoints – Top Notch Royal Servants

newboysand girlI was tempted to say something like flunkeys, lackeys or toadies but that would be entirely inappropriate and wrong.

The Kent on Sunday carried the joyous news that if and when the Queen of England, should by chance happen to land up in Kent, there will be no shortage of Deputy Lieutenants of Kent, since 5 new ones have been appointed.

Lord Lieutenant Allan Willet is quoted in Kent on Sunday, saying “They are joining a network of fine men and women to support the monarchy, celebrate Kent and contribute to its future.”

What I find astonishing in the 21St Century, is that these appointees are Chairman of this and that,  an Oh!  one founder member of Government Advisory Group blah blah blah and none of us lower orders.

I wont bore you with the details but suffice to say there are no Bob the Builders, Jones the Butcher, Patel the Convenience shop not even Tony the Trackman, equipped to represent Kent, just the usual top knobs.

Clearly the Royal family don’t live in the same Britain the rest of us do, but do serve the purpose of highlighting that Britain is not entirely the democracy or egalitarian society some would have us believe.

In particular Prince Charles has recently done much work to derail plans to build a luxury development in London on the site the old Chelsea Barracks, the result will please the Prince since he has such delicate taste, however I just wonder how the 5000 odd construction workers who might have been working on the site feel about this particular initiative.

At the risk of doing time in the tower as far as I’m concerned the Royals are an anomaly in a democracy, but when they remain neutral as is the case with Queen who could have a problem, but when the next in the queue for head of State starts interfering political questions then its a worrying departure from this countries limp and loose constitution.

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