Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Question to ask of Thanet District Council Airport Working Party

Since that Smug bloke on the “Stop Manston and the Twenty First Century” blog and the new “8 hours droning about Manston” blog from Herne blimin Bay, seem to be relentless in their quest to derail a potential source of employment here in East Kent, I think we ought to examine just what support they have.

The author of Stop Manston Expansion Group blog is so relentless in his quest to stifle business at Manston Airport that he has been offering sample questions to raise at this Fridays meeting of the Thanet council airport working party.

My big question - Do we need to waste any more time and public money on consultations with minority interests, who are hell bent on screwing up Manston Airport?

Just to gauge how much support, these entirely rational and in no way obsessive luddites, have actually got, I suggest you check out this online petition, which as I understand has been gathering free news coverage for the last couple of weeks and has even been advertising in local papers, page 5 Kent on Sunday (Quarter Page).

When I checked last night despite all this effort @ 9 PM there had only been 84 signatures, now almost a day later its up to 95, a significant number of which were anonymous contributors, objecting to night flights.

I think its worth pointing out at this point in time Infratil has not requested any additional operating hours. So God knows what these enviro-bloggers are on about.

It is a fact that when the public have a petition presented to them, there is a temptation to sign. Considering that East Kent must comprise maybe a quarter million residents 95 after a week or so does seem incredibly trivial.

The chances are that since this latest petition was posted on the internet probably more than 95 have lost their jobs in East Kent and I’m sure all of them would like to keep the possibility of economic growth alive.


  1. No flights in or out of Manston appears nto be their goal I am not sure of the total number of people in Thanet and area but 95 seems to be a small number

  2. I would hope by now that those among us, with at least half a brain cell would have worked out that smeggers and his best buddy from Hernia Bay are sad and lonely individuals who spend their days thinking of how to slur a local company employing local staff and struggling to survive in this current economic along with many other thousands of companies in the UK at the moment.
    They don't give a shit about local jobs, they don't give a monkeys arse that the 90 or so jobs already create further investment in the towns and villages around the Airport, including local taxi firms, hoteliers, and restaurants to name but a few.
    They just have a big drum ! and like all children with big drums they want to make some noise and annoy the shit out of everyone in the process.
    They are armchair politicians who don't have the boll*cks to stand up for election, but would rather pontificate from their little blogs, safe from the real world.
    They would have you believe that if the Airport was closed tomorrow it would change the face of Thanet, unemployment would go down and a beautiful wind warm would be born, or some other such green industry.
    WRONG! Houses, houses and yet more houses, putting even more strain on the local roads and their highly talked about "aquifer".
    What do think is going to happen to our precious drinking water, when you build a few hundred houses on it?
    Let the Airport go about it's LAWFUL business, working with the local population and the Authorities as they have done over the last few years, let them invest and allow them to create a thriving local facility creating jobs and investment and ignore these twats that would have you believe they know better!!
    If they really did, they would be in business themselves!

  3. WELL SAID THAT MAN ohhhhhhhh I checked on google nits about 130,000 to 95 against

  4. So, let's see. 95 people have signed the petition against night flights. And here we have Chippy Tone, Moron Don and, what, the guy who owns Airport Connections in favour? That makes 95 to 4 actually, Don. Being a Thanetian, you should have enough fingers and toes to work that one out.

    Get over your old men nostalgia for a former RAF base that is now a dying airport, or your fear that it will become a housing estate, and move on. There are no arguments for subsidising it indefinitely. Tesco employ more people locally than the airport, and we don't have to waste our taxpayers' money on them.

    Unelected council officer Brian White, head of regeneration, seems very keen on the airport. Would he be the same Brian White who helped implement Sheffield Airport, which opened in 1997 on the same flimsy arguments, and went bust last August after the local taxpayers got fed up with shelling out the £400,000 a year to subsidise it? It now has planning permission to be a business park, which is what Manston will eventually be (and will employ more local people that way).

    I'm surprised, Chippy Tone, at your support for what is a waste of our money and a pet project for unelected council officials. That's the sort of thing you'd ordinarily rant about. But not if you're not inconvenienced by the airport, and there might be an outside chance of being able to fly to Benidorm from yur doorstep one day, eh?

  5. Well said STL, up to 118 now Tony, still awash with anonymous from nowhere with nothing to say, and the vast majority of those that are able to write their name seem to be waffling on about those pesky night flights that no-one has asked for!!