Monday, June 08, 2009

Ramsgate First come er ..? last, in Ramsgate Toytown council

I see in an ironic twist to the creation of the new Ramsgate Town Council, that the Ramsgate First lot, have only won a single seat, not that I’m sure, what Ramsgate Parish council is going to achieve, apart from filling a few lines of the local papers with trivia and bitching.

As no expert in these matters, I understand that the Ramsgate Parish council replaces the “Charter Trustees” who I guess are chosen on the basis of party loyalty and recommendation from the funny hand shake crowd. So that the “Trustees” could attend the odd meeting and network at various receptions.

Still its one rare high spot for local Labour politicians, since they’ve secured parity with Conservatives, both parties holding seven seats on the council.

Cllr Mike Harrison, touches on the subject with this comment “I wont even mention the Ramsgate Town Council election results other than to say that already the manoeuvring and skulduggery to be appointed Mayor has started.”

Well I’d just like suggest since Tories and Labour together have 14 councillors elected to this new council and now have something else, to keep themselves busy, on a cold winters night, it might be a mark of gratitude to offer Gerry O’Donnell the position of Mayor to the metropolis of Ramsgate, since I understand he was campaigned for this for some long time.

Still politicians are nothing if not er … selfless.



  1. Either Gerry or Ralph Hoult who got the most votes across the whole election, as another twist is that if one of the main party members becomes Mayor and leader they will have to be impartial and that will tip the balance in favour of the other party.

  2. Ramsgate First could only get one candidate elected as despite all the hype about candidates in every seat they could only find one person willing to stand, well to be more accurate Gerry O'Donnell could only find one person to stand and that was the entire membership of Ramsgate First, namely him!!!

  3. Well in that case since the entire membership of Ramsgate First was elected the least other members could do is elect him as Mayor!

  4. Hopeful Ramsgate residentMonday, 8 June 2009 at 18:18:00 BST

    Whatever you think of individual members all the new members elected to our Ramsgate parish council are lifelong Ramsgatonians or have spent most of their lives here - they have all served the town in various ways and deserve a chance. At least they have all had the courage to stand for office and I think we should let them try and see what they can do before criticising them.If anyone thinks they could do better why didn't they stand as candidates?

  5. Well done Tony,
    I am so glad that a white resident like yourself is standing up for the real people of britain! the election results may be tricky to understand in kent but elsewhere a simple message is emerging which I know from our conversations you will like (even though you can't say it out loud yet!)and that is that results from the northwest of England and elsewher show you are not alone Tony.

  6. Cheers thanks for the slur anon 12:31 cannot recall having a conversation in my life, that would confer such an idea.

    I do know that honesty offends, politicians, petty bureaucrats and enviro-bullies there's just so many to choose from.

    As ever, I assume I'm dealing with a coward who cannot use their own name unlike me.

  7. OK Tony,
    Sorry my friend. It was you who asked me to use 'anonymous.' But don't worry, I understand. I'll pass the message up that you do not wish to go public (yet). Rest assured you will not hear from me again but you have started something pure so do not be surprised if other proud Englishmen take up the baton.
    Margate First!

  8. probably some 3rd rate blogger from Ramsgate tony

  9. 4:54 anon you seem inventive in nothing else now run along