Monday, June 01, 2009

Kent TV and the meeting that never took place

Viewers of Kent TV, will no doubt like me, be incensed that the scheduled meeting for the Board of Kent TV didn’t take place back in March, I had asked KCC press office, why no minutes, from the last meeting, got bored waiting for an answer and then rang Tanya Oliver, who has some consultation about Kent TV on KCC’s vague and meaningless consultation pages for details, no surprise Tanya in some other meeting and whoever answered the phone told me there had been no Board meeting just a flurry of mail saying I guess something like can we put it off for a few months.

It will come as some shock that Kent TV which has been praised so highly by the likes of Kent Top Bods Peter Gilroy Kent’s most highly paid council officer and Paul Carter Tory Leader, couldn’t gain enough interest from Board Members to discuss the likelihood of ever generating revenue from Kent TV.

Its not known what excuses or reason were offered as to why members of Kent TV’s Board couldn’t face a likely turgid and tedious meeting, you can only imagine what could be more important, perhaps sorting out next years “performance bonus” or working on some fresh vital media project.

The final item on the minutes from Decembers last meeting was the following:

6.The Next Meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting with be focused on marketing both in income generation and also raising the profile of Kent TV. It was also agreed that the Board will discuss how to cover the elections next year.

Clearly the county elections will have past by the time they next meet, the profile of Kent TV is as good as its ever likely to get, and the chances of income generation are minimal other than that which can squeezed from taxpayers wallets.

One thing that bothers me is whether public money will be further pumped in to the enterprise from things like Clean Kent, Kent Health Tosh, and all those Kent funded quangos.

I would like to think that, the Tory Clique, that run Kent council have come to recognise that the public are none to happy with Kent TV and will allow it to gently fizzle out, particularly as it does not represent a core service. Still the come the Election results, it will probably be gin and tonics all round and stuff the Taxpayer and business as usual.

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  1. Tony I notice they have put up a revised how to vote, no mention of the parish council elections that are also taking place, I can vote for 3 candidates in these elections.