Saturday, June 13, 2009

Somewhere quiet

contemplate Assuming this weekend is going to be a nice hot sunny one, how about a bit of quiet contemplation in Thanet’s parks.

My favourite is naturally Northdown Park, since I’ve lived within half a mile of it, most of my life.

Whilst its great to find, a bit of peace and quiet for some reason, parks don’t seem as popular as they were when I was a kid, I suppose everyone goes shopping now rather than taking relaxing walk, pity.


  1. Is the Coach house still an eyesore Tony? Havent been by recently? Is the garden open yet?

  2. Northdown Park -Spent much of much of my childhood there. Pity the NPE development meant some wild bushes and trees were removed.
    Quite weird this. At dinner last night, I mentioned the hat-trick I got whilst playing cricket when at Honiton House School. All the games took place at NP.
    Tony, do you remember the goldfish?

  3. I've been very surprised during a couple of recent visits to South London to see how busy the parks still are there, just like I remember them as a kid in the 60s & 70s. So I guess it must be because more people around here have their own gardens & of course the beach (or maybe people in Thanet are just more lazy!).

  4. I was going to the park (Dane Park) this morning and my OH wanted to see the sea so never did, since the new play area went in its always busy so maybe thats the answer more play areas = more use I doubt it but it seems true at Dane Park

  5. Glad you all appreciate a bit of peace and quiet.
    Its something money cant buy - or can it?
    Just think of poor old ECR with all those training flights!

  6. 11:06 it would look better without being boarded up.

    Jeremy I do remember the gold fish and think they should be bought back.

    Peter To lazy or prefer to gaze a shop windows I think

    Don I think northdown park could do with have some chance of getting a cup of tea or an Ice cream

    I think ECR is a closet plane spotter why else would you have your mansion built on the approach to kents premier airport