Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanet's streets made safe once more

Residents of Cliftonville can once again thank hartmild mannered councilor Clive Hart for making Thanet’s Streets safe to walk again. Pedestrians have had to dice with death, since the recent fire in Northdown Road as no safe walkway has been provided around the fire damaged building.

Incredibly Kent Highways did not arrange for a safe walk route around the burnt out building, to separate pedestrians from road traffic, it seemed that little or no thought was given for pedestrian safety, this has now been rectified, after Thanet's Labour supremo applied pressure to Kent highways.

I understand that Kent highways department will now get off their backsides and arrange for a pedestrian walkway around the obstruction.


Kent Highways, fearing further wroth from Clive Hart, have now put in the walkway.

On my daily cycle around Cliftonville I spotted the walkway being inspected by the Great Man himself, and Pam Pople – Community  Development Support Worker who is involved CllrHart with new walkwayhelping the local community and business.


  1. Word after the Labour Group meeting this week is that a number of Clive Hart's colleagues are coming to the realisation that they have made a huge mistake in the selection of their new leader.

    While deputy Peter Campbell is considered a sound hand it seems that Clive's inability to communicate in a warm manner with colleagues and others that he needs to deal with in his new position has already been noticed.

    And his propensity to claim credit for everything under the sun in true irritating bloke fashion is also seen as detrimental to his credibility as leader.

    You heard it here first. Look out for the night of the long knives before the year is up.

  2. Me, I support Clive, I think he is the best Leader the Labour Group have had for years (Thanks from the conservative side)

  3. I also had this from Clive this week Tony. Twice in fact. I'd ask him to take me off his mailing list but his butt licking eagerness to please and promote himself is too good to miss.

    Even more amusing is his sincere belief that everything he says is layered in gold, and that no-one else has an opinion that counts.

    I have had serious concerns about councillor Hart's mental state in the past, and the legend in his own lunchtime promotion only adds fuel to that concern.

  4. Ignoring for a moment those without a good word to say about anything I want to add that it is good that someone is doing their job.

    If what 02:13 says is true then someone just breached the Data Protection Act. Reporting such breaches is usually not the domain of the regular interesting pundit (us bloggers).

  5. 2:13 expresses a view that anybody who watches Hart will understand. "Interesting" bloggers get away with saying what they like about Ezekiel and his cronies. So as ususal it is one rule for you and one for the rest. Do as I say and not as I do. Typical socialist.

  6. From what i see as an outsider of the labour group they appear to be a nice normal bunch of people who have the people of Thanet at the heart - so i cant imagine there would be all the nastiness that 7.27 describes, think it must be a nasty tory just trying to imagine that the labour group are as unpleasant to one another as they themselves in the Thanet group are?Also that they only have self interest as the Tories do - and i am not a labour party supporter speaking, just a normal Thanet citizen with perceptions of Thanet conservatives which are just about right i am sure!

  7. 7.27 Most of Labour group would be gravely concerned if Clive started dealing in a warm manner with certain "others" he'll deal with them professionally, but won't smile at their faces whilst stabbing them in the back as certain "others" on the other side are known to do.