Thursday, June 04, 2009

So many to chose from Nazi through to Romans, Christians who are these people

themotherofallexpenseaccounts I don’t want to vote for one of this country’s mainstream political parties least not in the European Elections. I’ve just had an in depth look, well glance, and it seems to me that most political offerings outside the mainstream are more than likely to be hopeless optimists or frankly barking bonkers mad.

Voting in the European Elections is little more than a PR stunt engineered by undemocratic bureaucrats across Europe to give the illusion of democracy, so you might as well throw caution to the wind vote for anybody in fact how about the Romans ,I don’t have a clue who or what they are about other than they built straight roads and knew a bit about plumbing.

I am old enough to remember the European referendum, a time when I frankly didn’t believe the wild stories opponents came out with, about loss of sovereignty, laws made from Brussels and all that malarky how wrong I was.

In the last few years particularly since 2004, migration has exceeded all government forecasts and I just wonder at what point one is allowed to say something, this country has accepted how many new citizens, we don’t really know but many estimates put number at anything from hardly any (Labour Government) to millions and millions from the British Nazi Party.

Now I’m sure, come the weekend, we’ll see acres and acres of sanctimonious outrage should the BNP get lucky, in fact there has been some fairly hysterical waffle so far. Gone too far this time?

You and I can distinguish between honest politics and politics driven by hate, the problem is quite a few of the population don’t get that involved and vote on perhaps a superficial level.

I sometimes think just how clean are British Politics apart from MP’s cross party agreement to fleece the taxpayer for plasma TV’s and the like. Just for an instance, take the extraordinary events earlier in the year when an MP Damien Green was arrested, the crime, well there was no crime, the MP was given information paid for by the taxpayer concerning immigration, unfortunately the civil servant Christopher Galley who rightly thought the public had an interest, was as you might expect sacked by Britain’s Labour administration.

I’ll be voting for UKIP this afternoon in the Euro and I’m not too sure in the county but as an indication last time round I voted to Chris Wells Con & Clive Hart Lab a sort of PR vote, maybe I should support the lib dems perhaps I’ll toss a coin.

The reason I’ll vote for UKIP is I believe I’m increasing being discriminated against for being British and witnessing employers abusing foreign nationals which is wrong.

I have no sympathy for racists but I have no understanding of just why this country has accepted mass immigration with no consultation. There has been a major structural change in this country an no debate and this is not just good enough, I can’t wait to see Labour politicians try and justify their miss-management in the next few days, the only highlight of course, should and probably will be Gordon Browns resignation assuming he has an ounce of concern for the country.

Sorry for the rant! I’m fifty plus and just realised that much of what I believe about this country and its institutions has been wrong and now conclude that most of public life is as corrupt here as any Banana Republic. Politicians openly taking bribes from big business by way of jobs or donations, the fact they declare these things, is somehow meant to absolve them from the fact in most cases they are motivated by personal greed.

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  1. What a tedious rant! Even by your standards Tony you are pushing it down a bit. I mean, really just how much of a bitter old taxi driver do you think you sound like?
    'ooh, i'm just a poor white man surrounded by all these foreigners...and as for those Brussels Bureaucrats ,well, they've gone and made it illegal to eat a British banger .ha ha ha'
    Come on mate, what a boring cliche youve turned out to be.
    And the minute anyone starts saying 'I'm not a racist BUT..' I personally think oh right, here we go, UKIP today, BNP tomorrow?
    But come on Big Tone, the brave white working man's friend, why doncha tell us about your views on the jews and gypsies and scroungers and I bet youve got a thing or two to say about those gay people? I mean, blimey - are there really enough lamp posts in Margate these days? Dont hold back mate, vent it all out - i'm sure you'll feel better and its cheaper than a therapists couch and certainly better than working for a living - cos you dont actually do that no more do you Tone? cos, and correct me if im wrong me old mucker, i dont think they let you near the railways no more do they? besides, you wouldnt want to keep the railways going would you? - too many of those foreigners on board I'm sure.