Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kerching! Kent Tories, will they celebrate their recent victory, with your money!

Apparently the first meeting of KCC’s full council is going to be a bit of a toughie for Kent Conservatives as they wrestle with the moral dilemma of accepting recommendations, made by an “independent panel” (probably a bunch of similar fat cats) who have suggested that they should help themselves to an 8% increase in allowances.

You can just imagine the arguments in favour “we have to listen to Paul Carter rolling on about how marvellous things are at KCC” “Crikey we pay officers more than their worth” “and give em bonuses on top” “sod it we’ve four years before the next election and anyway with all that money we spend on advertising in Kent, it will be kept to the back pages”

Gin and tonics all round I think.

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  1. With less opposition to worry about I think a cut is due!

    KCC ready reward councilors with a basic £12K. Simmilar county councils only pay £9K. Not bad for just turning up at 10 council meetings a year.

    But the voting public of Kent could not careless what they do in Maidstone. Local value for money and fairness is irrelevant. Only about 2 in 5 turned out to vote and despite having such a large majority the number of people actually voting for Carter and co is only about 1 in 5 of the electorial role.
    I am sure after all the fuss about the lost £50 millions, the Audit Commission report and lately the Select Committee report on councils reckless investements (including KCC) they wont have the cheek to pass an increase.

  2. Central Government, County Councils, local councils will shock us all with their pay/pension antics this year. Increases all round.

  3. Yep they went through 8% shame they couldnt resist the money as they already get good money