Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson has been around for what 40 years as a professional entertainer, news that he has passed on at 50 sends a shiver down my spine.

I can remember hearing of Elvis’s death on Radio Luxembourg, John Lennon on BBC’s Nationwide and Now Jacko on Sky News.

Only 50, its reminder life’s short I’m 53, one of the best performers I ever saw.

Jacko on Wikepedia

If you have spotify here’s a few tracks chosen for no particular reason click here


  1. His death leaves me strangely cold, but (like Madonna) I've always considered him a very mediocre talent (basically just a very watered-down & insipid version of James Brown).

    The musician's deaths that affected me the most were Presley, Lennon - and Bill Haley! I was only 18 when Bill Haley died, but I still considered him the originator (& he was the first live act I ever saw, when I was 16 years old in 1979). Strange that he was considered an old man when he died, despite being only 5 years older than Michael Jackson.

  2. I'm 53 and just a whipper snapper

  3. I was on twitter when the story started to break. So I was aware that he had been rushed to hospital and then that he may have died. Confirmations were just coming in as I went to bed.

    At 32 it seems like I'm the youngster here though.