Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shame all round

labourlosers I chanced upon Alastair Campbell’s Blog yesterday as a result of visiting the generally prolific Mark Nottingham’s site and following a link.

Now before I go further this bit is necessary background, 90% of the population do not follow politics in any depth myself included and its likely that most of the population get their political insights from life and popular media the Star, Sport, Sun, Emmerdale or Corrie.

Its a fact that most of us don’t write blogs, ask local bureaucrats to explain themselves or attend local meetings.

Most of us just have a blind faith, that those who make the big decisions or control our lives, actually know what their doing, give a damn and will act in a vaguely benign manner.

At this moment in time, we’ve come to one of those points in history when us the public, have, had a rude awakening, the economy is shot to pieces, were losing our jobs, the banks are as bankrupt as are our politicians.

The credit crunch has divided country between those who are trying to hold on to what they’ve got and those who haven’t got a clue.

Much of our economy is made up of the public sector, I understand in Scotland half the workforce are paid courtesy of taxpayer, so far no one in the public sector has been effected by the economic downturn least of all Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown lost his grip on the economy, reality, and public opinion sometime ago, unfortunately his grip on to office is stronger, in what is to me, a spiteful and belligerent attempt to prove that he is capable Prime Minister which clearly he isn’t.

Alistair Campbell probably typifies Labour thinking in a posting on his blog referring to the Euro elections “those who say it was a day of shame for Britain, and for Labour, that the BNP one these seats, are right” his solution is to engage with those “stayaway voters” you wonder why they wouldn’t do this anyway.

I just wonder whether senior Labour figures are just so aloof that they haven’t thought of the blooming obvious, coming back to the fact most people don’t do politics, Labour might consider that the majority do not take kindly to losing their jobs to recent migrants and their schools and medical facilities being stretched which could explain why so many voted BNP.

Labour have drawn some comfort in the fact that in real terms BNP didn’t get more votes carefully ignoring the fact that UKIP have also made gains.

Its certainly a shame that anyone should consider voting for BNP, its a bigger shame that Labour are so aloof that they would no longer understand why ordinary people voted for a fascist party, even more a shame since as the party of government for the last eleven years, they actually engineered the situation where ordinary people felt more comfortable voting for nazi apologists than Labour.

Last nights pitiful display of loyalty by craven Labour MP’s to Gordon Brown who is trying to prove the point he’s not as bad as he clearly is, serves to confirm that Labour are finished.

Brown’s happy to take his colleagues into the wilderness and we’re going to pay the price, us the electorate delivered gift wrapped to a bunch of lightweight Tories lead by David Cameron and the BNP picking up more disillusioned voters.

Labour have yet to explain the benefits of mass migration, to British workers, until they do so they’ll lose support, I consider myself to be reasonably informed and I don’t know why a Labour Government cannot protect their own people.

Its easy for Labour MP’s to criticise those who voted BNP, as I mentioned earlier most of the population don’t get too deep in to political subtleties, they see jobs going and wages being cut and BNP fascists are offering what they want British jobs for British workers.


  1. Having 'knocked' on quite a few doors recently and spoken to residents the impression was that most residents don't know which Party controls Thanet District Council and Kent County Council and more to the point most don't care anyway. Its the Tories by the way....
    The electorate wanted to give Labour a 'good kicking' mainly due to the constant drip, drip from a Tory paper (note the timing)about MPs expenses; they seemed to conveniently overlook the fact that MPs of all Parties were involved!
    I believe Gordon Brown's only realistic course of action is to carry on and deliver real Labour Policies that will benefit the majority of the population. To change leader now would be a major mistake. Large numbers of votes were 'loaned' last week: remember a week in politics is a long time and Gordon has a year.

  2. He will try to push through "Constitutional Reform" without acknowledging that we have lost accord with our lawful constitution since the Coronation of QE2. Increasingly so after joining Europe.

    Because the country lost sight of its constitution it paved the way to todays prescriptive nanny state chaos.

    I worked with a Jewish man in the 70s. At tea break he would hold his cup between two hands and spend some moments gazing through the steam. Eventually I asked whu he did that. Every tea break he spent moments remembering surviving the holocaust and entering UK illegally after WW2. He was arrested and held in a Met Police cell. The cell door crashed open and he instinctively curled on the floor in a foeatl position expecting the kicking that had been his lot under the Nazis. He slowly gazed up and framed in the doorway was a huge beer bellied old Met constable.

    "Cuppa cha mate" said the constable and extended a steaming enamel mug of tea.

    In that moment the Jew knewall he ever needed to know about the UK and its position on human rights.

    In the doorway was a huge old Pc. His belly testament to the freebie pints available on his foot patrols. And independent ministerial officer of the Crown. An officer of the Peace sworn to the monarch and whose only master is the law itself.

    For someone to hurt that Jew again they have to get through such as the Met copper. And backing him is if every villainous or sanctimonious or pious loyal subject and behind them the Armed Forces.

    Everyone a right to enjoy peace. Everyone a responsibility to preserve peace.

    We are told that postwar we got our first wave of African and Asian immigration. Well how come in 1800 one third of the industrial workforce of Leeds was Asian or African ? With no need for a Race Relations parasitic industry.

    The difference in the 50s et seq was that the country had lost sight of Common Law and Constitution. The right to enjoy peace. The responsibility to preserve peace. Hence the way was paved for a whole parasitic industry of do gooding prescribers inventing myths like institutionalized racism and exploiting Stephen Lawrence (Disgracefully denied justice in the process) to promote the myth to boguis reality vuia mass hysteria.

    We do not need constitutional reform we need constitutional resurrection. Common Law. Common meaning all equal and a law agreed as right by all irrespective of religion or persuasion.

    The first time I encountered the phrase"Institutionalized racism" was 1971 and it was invented as a research purposes red herring to test for gullibility and malleability in young police officers.

    Now look at all the hoo ha caused by an Archbishop suggesting we could have Sharia Law. If an idea from Sharia catches the empathy of the Common (everone else) then it can become law. If not hard luck.

    Govt has got too big for its boots and undermined the balancing power of the Crown (Monarch and people to whom the govt is servant not master ... ) aided and abetted by poor advice given to HM the Q right through her Reign.

  3. Alan I don't think the electorate wanted to give anyone a kicking.

    The issue for many of us is either having a job or keeping one.

    Labour has either been negligent,unaware or complicit in allowing employers to ruthlessly exploit east Europeans at great cost to the local population.

    I think those who voted BNP did so reluctantly but at just level would Labour have a debate on migration.

    Labour have pretty much morphed into the Tory Party its run by people who are immune and remote from your constituents lives.

    Gordon Brown if he had an ounce of decency would resign and give Alan Johnson a chance to take over.

    I'm sorry that you and your colleagues have lost influence in Maidstone.

    On the point of MP's expenses as we all know, the Tories were equally guilty of fleecing the public but Gordon Brown allowed Tory Boy David Cameron walk all over him. Pitiful

    Incidentally does Stephen Ladyman still have a second job?

  4. The electorate have certainly sent Gordon a message that they are not at all happy with his performance... my sacking is a painful consequence!
    The gobal recession and consequent job losses are not entirely the Government's fault.......hopefully the economy is just starting to show signs of recovery, though we certainly have a long way to go.
    There are very strict rules about exploiting east European labour ( or any labour for that matter) it is enforcing the rules that is the problem. Cash in hand is very difficult to 'police'.......
    I think Gordon has to see this through.....and allow Alan Johnson to pick up the pieces if necessary!

  5. Well Alan its a wasted opportunity, hopefully David Cameron wont be as vicious as Mrs T or as limp as Major.

  6. Strangely, I find myself in agreement with most of what you say there Tony.

    I also agree with AP in so far as this destabilisation of our parliamentary democracy by the Barclay Brothers and their organ (the Torygraph) warrants some questioning. Of course, it's the perfect double-whammy story because the people who might question their motives are the very ones who've been caught buying duck islands, horse manure, double glazing etc etc at the taxpayers' expense.

    If you bear in mind that the Barclay Brothers pulled all their businesses out of Sark, making a third of the population unemployed in the process, because an election there didn't go their way, you have to wonder whether they are indeed crusading democrats or just jumped-up painters and decorators who have nothing but their own interests at heart.

  7. Where was this UAF MOB when a group of Islamic exstremists were protesting against British soldiers that came home from Iraq?

    Where were they when former terrorist Gerry Adams MP spoke in the very same spot in front of the House of Commons?

    Where were they when a very brave Peter Tatchell stood up to Robert Mugabe's mob on his own?

    I don't agree with far right politics anymore than I agree with extreme leftists politicians such as George Galloway MP or the Terrorist made good , Gerry Adams MP

    BUT at least the likes of George Galloway MP, Nick Griffin MEP and Gerry Adams MP are democratically elected politicians, unlike the "thought police" rent-a-mob that want to deny the electorate the right to make up their own minds.

    It seems that these so-called protesters would create an East German style state run by "the thought police" if they had their un-democratic way.

    We need need to be afraid of this un-democratic self-righteous MOB more than we do Gerry Adams MP, Nick Griffin MEP and George Galloway MP.


  8. Yeah yeah, Jim. You've said that on all the blogs now.