Thursday, June 18, 2009

Margate’s Big Event

Margate’s Big Event is almost upon us, I just wonder whether this will be the last, since as I understand some of the funding has in the past come from CGP.

CGP will have had their fate, determined by next summer, one assumes, since by then KCC & Thanet council will have either sold the additional land they require, for the China Gateway site or not and additional planning permissions will have been determined.

Still this weekend we should enjoy The Big Event, lets be honest when did Thanet council do anything that improved the lot of us proles, its like having a bone thrown from the top table by Thanet’s top knobs just to distract us.

So look to the sky this weekend and ignore some of the big deals, hideous planning decisions and practices of recent times, like that development in Ramsgate which overlooks nearby residents, TDC forgot to tell residents the plans have changed, scan back through the excellent Thanet Strife for more anomalies.

Thanet has little to recommend itself to the visitor, remember those crocodile tears when the Scenic Railway burnt down, well times a great healer and most of us have forgotten. Still if you happen to be a developer Thanet is the place where your dreams can come true.

Anyway enjoy the Big Event and just one final point why is it held in the commercial wilderness of Palm Bay, why not hold the event around the harbour so that local business could benefit.


  1. Thanks for the kind comment, Tony.

    You are absolutely right about the lack of direct benefit to local businesses. Margate will be relatively deserted on Sat and Sun pms other than hardened Primark shoppers with their eco friendly bags still being sighted! TDC wanted to charge a local taxi firm a huge sum to run a 'concessionary' mobile office for the two days. They politely told TDC where to go.

    It does smack of the emperor distracting the plebs from their woes!

    Presumably,the refreshments, rides etc will be from outside Thanet as well?

    CGP soon to be CGI are shown as sponsors this year.

  2. It's amazing that only in Thanet could a major developer, CGP, be seen to be sponsoring an event for the council that they are buying land from.

    Any where else in the world, this would be a huge conflict in interest.

    But not in Thanet. You pays your money, and you gets your result!

  3. May be like a local pharmacutical company donating to the local community? Oops that comment must be wrong, cos they are in dover, therefore of no interest to the local malcontents who knock anything good in the area of Thanet. If the area is so bad why don't they p**s off

  4. No doubt the local "green" brigade would be delighted to see the end of the air show, & will no doubt suggest a skateboarding or cycling event in it's place...

  5. Maybe if they spent less on the Big Event I could have a RUBBISH bin!

  6. Spend the money on keeping the place spic and span. That will attract more visitors for more of the year than this pile of cr*p.

  7. Me I'm quiet looking forward to the event, everybody has their price and mines free entertainment but only whilst the musics playing.

    Back to business on Monday!

  8. I will enjoy it for what it is a free airshow I will love pointing things out to the grandkids and hope everyone has a good time, even those who dislike this beautifull Island.

  9. "Still this weekend we should enjoy The Big Event, lets be honest when did Thanet council do anything that improved the lot of us proles, its like having a bone thrown from the top table by Thanet’s top knobs just to distract us".

    What a sad and twisted mind you have Mr.Flaig. If you and others like you would only pull your head out of your backsides and took a look around you you would see that the sun is shining on Thanet. Yes there are still problems, but who doesn't have those? And as my mother used to tell me, if you haven't got something useful to contribute then don't bother geting involved.

  10. As you know I do have something to contribute and that is the light of day from an objective source.

    Clearly top knobs and their lackeys are defensive, but come on Tories in Thanet and Kent are more akin to those loony labour councilors of the 1980's.

    As I said look at the extraordinary planning cock ups and the blatant helping of those with the right connections

    Dont kid yourself 10:30

  11. Ignorance is bliss. And your huge ignorance should make you a hugely contented man. Only the sad and twisted mind I referred to gets in the way.

  12. What's sad is that the local council and apparently some of the residents, seem to be oblivious to the fact that an event like this puts 2 fingers up to the effects of climate change.
    Of course no doubt the argument is that it doesn't exist and is a big hoax. (glub glub)

  13. it would be great if margate was a proper seaside resort again. even the airshow wasn't that good this year, there was a lack of toilets especially disabled ones. oh well we've got the turner centre to make up for it.

  14. im fed up with this blooming council & so should everybody else be. please someone let me know where the lifeboats going or is that being made defunct!?

  15. Everyone seems to have gone quiet now! Whats wrong with you speak up! I have got something to say about lack of immigration control etc in Cliftonville because they're nigh on getting away with murder & something needs to be done. If you came from round here you must remember what it was like & it wasn't that long ago.