Monday, June 22, 2009

Thanet's good communications?

In a recent press release from Cheryl Pendry TDC's press and media manager, we are informed that Thanet Council has been shortlisted in two categories of this year's good communications awards.

This of course might come as a bit of a surprise, to anyone who has tried to elicit information from Thanet Council, I recently inquired about the Coach House at Northdown Park, and if memory serves me correctly, I was informed that the communications department would get back to me with the info I required.

Fortunately after week or so, I was able to find and contact the relevant officer myself, who could give me the information I was after. Hardly indicative of TDC's good communication skills.

Not surprisingly, we are not informed in the press release, just exactly what authority these good communications awards might actually have, since the press release negates to mention just exactly who or what organisation is dishing these awards out.

Does it really matter, not really I suppose, although it would be nice to have the opportunity to nominate the council, in these two categories,

MISDIRECTION for the press release which told us that the council's management team were to receive no pay increase, failing to clearly point out that they didn't need one, since by changing their pay scale was tantamount to having a big fat hefty increase anyway.

DUAL STANDARDS for press releases which have named and shamed members of the public for trivial offences such as dropping litter, (which some have alleged the council are guilty of themselves (Click for ECR’s Name & Shame post) but anyhow for some curious reason they ignored the transgressions and condemnation levelled against members of the council for other matters, I wonder why?.

Still I'm sure professional hacks get the top notch service from Thanet District Council, as a member of Thanet's bloggerati, then I don't expect much and find myself rarely disappointed.

Any how if you'd like to read this press release, it's available on their website by clicking here.


  1. Good communications award??!

  2. Thanet’s BIG event was watched by me and others from the train. The Margate line was out of action last Sunday due to engineering works and we spent hours going around the coastal route catching quick glimpses from the window on route to Margate.

    Do the council not inform and work with the transport links, when there is a BIG EVENT - it would be better if visitors can actually get there.