Friday, June 05, 2009

Manston Airport Free Parking offer

Free parkingAccording to the email I received yesterday, Kent International Airport are offering free car parking on bookings made before the 30th of June for Jersey.

You can contact them by phone 0844 415 6653 for details.

Assuming your local and fancy a holiday in Jersey this is an excellent offer added to the benefits of a local airport, in which I’ve always found service friendly and unique.



  1. Bloody hell. standby for the rush !!??

  2. Yes - good idea Tony. Export our local tourism jobs to Jersey!

  3. an interesting concept. Fly locals (as these flights appeal little to anyone else) away from their own UK tourist spot to another UK tourist spot.

    Parking in the local tourist town is not free, but an airport next to the town is

    flights are still available for todays flight if you wish to take your hard earned elsewhere.

    I'm not sure if 60% occupancy of Jersey flights is enough to entive Flybe back next year.