Friday, June 05, 2009

Gordon Brown doesn’t get it

Gordon Browns Last Stand I see tonight on the TV news Gordon Brown is despite haemorrhaging ministers & large numbers of honest hard working councillors, jiggling his cabinet around as if he has any realistic hope of leading his party to victory or the country out of the mire.

Maybe I’m just as delusional, as all those crooked MP’s who believe they had some god given right to defraud the tax payer, so long as they declare it, still did I hear Gordon Brown state that “we fight for what we believe” didn’t Mrs Thatcher come out with some similar tosh just before being shown the door.

Gordon Brown is on the ropes, simply because he is not up to the Job of Prime Minister, the backlash from bent MP’s fiddling their expenses, should have be shared equally between both parties, if not more so, for the conservatives have a long standing reputation for scandal.

Labour continuing to support Gordon Brown will only guarantee a Tory victory in the next election, and we the people will suffer, it will be criminal if the Labour Party support Brown’s bunker mentality past the weekend.


  1. I dont see the issue, I have been listening all yesterday and today to an increasingly shrill collection of opposition politicans and so called politcal commentators crowing over the elextion results.

    On the surface they look bad for labour. However consider this, at the height of the labour party's unpopularity the conservatives achieved a 38% national share on a 35% national turnour.

    That means at the governments lowest ebb the alternative has only managed to garner a national mandate of 14% of the national note.

    Furthermore, noone who comes on is able to state policy issues of substance where the Labour government is enacting a policy that is roundly detested in the country as a whole where the Tories have an alternative that commands popular support.

    Indeed I would challenge anyone to name three positive tory policies I am not sure I can. I can think of many things they have said the wouldnt do, but positive policies for change ?

    Overall with the enconomy on the turn, movement to clean up the expenses issue and a year to go until the next general election, the tories really have more to fear right now provided the spoilt brats on the Labour bankbenches can hold their nerve.

  2. I think the problem is that no one has any idea what to do and any solutions that might exist would be so unpopular as to loose every election for the next 50 years. The result is that whoever is not in power can crow about it not being their fault and pick holes without ever needing to have a plan. When we change dominant party (and we will sooner or later) I am not expecting to see very much more than a lot of noise that does not do very much but looks like an effort being made.

    I'm sure there are some groups that will suffer: those stuck on benefits (as opposed to those taking advantage of them), lower income working class and agriculture workers are the most likely victims.