Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The big event postscript

Despite the weather not being the best for Margate's Big event, organisers claim around 30,000 visitors which I feel shows the broad appeal of aeroplanes for anoraks, fun fair grounds for teens, and music for everyone.

Although my stay wasn’t the longest, I didn’t begrudge one penny of the two pound admission fee, although the “something for nothing” culture is as strong as every here in Thanet, where even this minimalist charge has to be criticised.

Wasn’t happy about the “shake down” of visitors at the entrance, as last year the event was free, searching bags I assume was for contraband, a bit of a liberty, I think the council had asked people not to bring alcohol, no doubt to increase sales at the beer tent, don’t know whether they were also looking for illegal hamburgers, and donuts.

I missed the Red Arrows display (Mrs Me, glued to the world Cup “I’m not going out in this weather”), but saw enough not to feel cheated, I’ve put up some more photos available here, the highlight for me was the sight of the Battle of Britain memorial flight’s Lancaster, and as I watched this plane, I always think of the guts, it must have taken for the crews to have flown these planes.

Not sure who the jazz group were, something? cats,on about 3 or 4 on Saturday but much enjoyed their performance, very good, despite the rain and a dislike of er jazz.

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