Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Train spotters, me and Rod Stewart

As some of you know, I work on the railway as a track man (somebody who maintains the track) , from time to time I have been accused of having an unhealthy interest in trains, by work mates, not true although sometimes I've been know to, whip out my camera phone, if some unusual train rolls past, and yes when I first started working on the railway, I did once, purchase a copy of a railway magazine but believe me, it never went any further.

Anyhow it always amazes me, how otherwise normal blokes, will stand on the platform or bridges eyes fixed at some distant point for hours, a work mate, told me, how am enthusiast in the pub, had been able to name the items carried by a Lookout (the person who warns a work group of an approaching train, so they can move to safety), although I know this stuff, I generally have to think when being assessed, still interestingly the enthusiast apparently didn't also mention that the Lookout also carried, bottles of drink, food, maybe an "emergency pork pie", jumpers and the paperwork for the workgroup, since he's (the lookout) not got a shovel in his hand or a kango on his back.

Right enough of that, an explanation, Google randomly throw up a
story from the Sun about Rod Stewart, whom I've assumed is, as well balanced as any world class star still surprisingly he happens to be a model train enthusiast, seems he insists on having a room made available for his model train set at Hotels, an aspect of the rock roll lifestyle to which I was unfamiliar.

Anyhow my obsession is blogging whilst listening to music, here's some music you'll need to have spotify installed on your computer/device freely available here as either a paid for or free music service.

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