Friday, June 04, 2010

Margate’s Big Event no free lunch

The last couple of years Margate’s Big Event has been free, subsidised by business and car parking fees and taxpayers.

Living as I do within 10 minutes walk of the cliff top venue for me its been a pretty good deal, but as we are now coming to realise, stuff cost even when supplied by the local council.

I don’t doubt many will be disappointed at the thought of actually having to pay for entertainment, probably the same people who baulk at the idea of having to work for a living but tough.

I understand that the entrance fee is a token £2, even the average family will only have to find a tenner, not bad for an air display, side shows, good music, fireworks and the chance to by a ham burger and warm beer, at I suspect a bit more, than the two quid entrance fee.

My regret is that this event could not be pitched in the heart of Margate around the Harbour Arm so that local business could benefit rather than burger vans from up norff.

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