Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last call for arts gravy train – destination Margate (Turner Contemporary)

You have just till tomorrow to apply for three new "officer posts" these are for marketing and visitor roles up at the Turner Contemporary.

last call for turner

Maybe a last chance to get a seat on the arts gravy train, I'm sure those already in the public sector's more er non-essential outposts are beginning grasp the depth of the recession, credit crunch, actually I'm not sure there is a term these days for the black hole in the economy, its been so long, anyhow it might be long time before such an opportunity is available again.

Not sure what it means but Turner Contemporary are committed to a diverse workforce, which in a way is reassuring since I often suspect, that many in these arty type jobs, are taken by humans cloned in a secret government facility to produce, uniformly unimaginative zombies that spark into life only at the sight of some unintelligible random pattern on canvass or perhaps a collection of scrap metal and proceed to talk equally meaningless tripe.

I just hope they look at local people, since so far it looks to me as if Turner prefers to involve people with little or no connection to the area, indeed this comment from John Kampfner chairman of the trustees is rather illuminating " I remember getting a call back in April 2008 asking if I wanted to apply for the job as chair of trustees".

No doubt telephones were ringing all over Thanet at the same time, still if you live in Margate or Thanet, and had a similar call, maybe you could add to our greater understanding and comment on this post.

PS as far as I can tell, only one of the trustees has a Margate connection (again if I'm wrong please comment)


  1. shared this post with folks - thanks. they should hire some divers too so they can get the art back when it sinks.

  2. I have been following with some interest the fate of another new Art Gallery, The Public, in Sandwell, West Midlands.
    It finally opened last summer & appears to still be open, totally funded by its local tax payers, struggling for funds and has to open its doors for free, dropping the planned £7 admission charge.
    There are calls for it to be knocked down because of its burden on the council tax payers.
    It is one to watch, I see Turner Comtemporary going the same way.
    O yes. 2 art galleries with silly names in silly locations!
    And I like Art Galleries!

  3. I too like galleries and all I'd say is this is the only game in town.

    Lets hope the arts council luvvies, put on some popular stuff, please god no unmade beds and dirty pants, or even tents, yes the neon is quite tasteful but enough already.

    Since it is contemporary it would be my hope to see banksy, who had people queuing round the corner in Bristol last year.

    Original Turners would be nice. Its fair to say that most contemporary art is complete crap hence my reference to zombie's, just go to Tate modern, crikey