Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts from the weekend- “official England blog” ? Come on sponsors

Its not difficult to notice, in any supermarket, that we are in the grips of the World Cup campaign, the tell tale signs have been there for the last couple of weeks, massive stacks of beer in supermarket entrances, almost exclusively non-English, then there are the flags despite all the “come on England” malarkey its probable that they are produced in some sweatshop halfway round the globe.

Wandering into the “Official Supermarket” late on Saturday afternoon I was pleased that fortunately many were already doing their bit for England by guzzling copious amounts of Guinness, Carlsberg, Stella thus leaving the car park relatively empty.

Still the thought occurred, who has the power to make something the official England anything and I concluded, it’s likely the Football Association might well be the only organisation with that sort of authority, since England has no democratic national government. notinthishouesapparently

Good luck to England’s multi-millionaire footballers, I shall do my bit to pay homage, and will think of them next time I crack open a can of Fosters and I shall pretend to be interested next time Mrs Me (Chelsea season tkt holder) forces me to watch football, already I have learnt that “Heskey is ******* useless” unfortunately other insights sadly have been located in my brains recycle bin.

I shall reserve the right at some point to become the self appointed “official English Blog” as I believe this blog probably qualifies being produced on a computer manufactured in China, written using American software, and hosted on Google’s Blogger.

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