Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TEN THINGS I’VE DONE - as a result of blogging

I realise I’m not loved by all, one cheeky contributor today dared to suggest that this blog is all about me (why are they always anonymous) plus hinting that I might be a neo-nazi, if only I’d know I could have saved that contribution to Lib Dem funds last week.

Anyhow I’m prepared to acknowledge the more minor charge of being self obsessed and plead guilty, having stumbled across this little list wrote out on my phone gizmo during a break TEN THINGS I’VE DONE – as a result of blogging (yes I am that self obsessed).

Number one – accepted an invitation to speak by to speak on media issues from an academic
Number two - made and lost a friend
Number three - appeared on the telly
Number four - been threatened with legal action
Number five - sometimes had more influence than I ever thought possible
Number six - lost hours of my life and been dragged from a warm telly
Number seven - had delusions of grandeur
Number eight - realised what's possible and what's not
Number nine- discovered therapy for middle-aged angst
Number ten - discovered that I don't know everything

Clearly Labour activist or supporters don’t like home truths about what their party has done to this countries economy or society but indulging in cheap slurs hardly helps.

Still at the end of the day this blog is all about me, as is the case with any commentator. Still I’m proud to be considered a bigot by Labours followers it means I’m still capable of honest fair independent thought and for balance I’m sure Tories see me as a jumped up oaf.


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  2. Tony, you keep on mate, its only those who are scared by your comments that protest. I regard you as a 'reality call' and have no fear of what you say

  3. The usual crap from Turncoat Kenny.

  4. In a way Tony I see you and Ken as a dream come true because I would find it embarrassing if both of you were Labour supportors. So once again I thank you both for not supporting Labour.

  5. See what you like, Tony, your adherence to bankrupt Labour dogma clouds you vision, pity you have no regard for those harmed by those money grabbing colleagues, in the Labour Party who fiddled whilst Rome burnt.

    I'd be embarrassed if I was in the Labour party with someone who indulges in gratuitous insults, I know politics is a dirty game and maybe that's how Clive likes to run Thanet Labour.

    Its interesting just how abusive labour supporters have been, what's Blair doing these days, Gordon "bigot" Brown. What sincerity

    Traditional Labour have been mugged off and the ensuing bitterness is only natural Tony, Labour top knobs have nothing but contempt for grass roots

  6. Well Mr Flaig it is matched by the contempt you seem to hold for so many others. You really do need to calm down and stop being so petulant and irritable in your posts.

  7. Tony, what was you last blood pressure reading ?

  8. 8:17 As I said in the last post it would appear that Clive's Local Labour party are not the fraternal benign group they think they are but are like Tony Ovenden every bit as offensive as Gordon "bigot" Brown and the rest of Labours top knobs.

    Clive Hart ought to have some control over his party members.

    Finally Tony Ovenden or Beachcomber,Keep your insults coming , I'm not sure what the last bore ish remark was about, but maybe your trying to develop some social skills, unless you are maintaining your insulting comments, perhaps given that you are using differing names you have some sort of bi-polar disorder.

  9. Tony,
    everyone is entitled to a point of view and to be honest you do invite it.
    Anyway what is a bi-polar disorder?

  10. Mr Flaig, you like to play the victim but you are unquestionably the most offensive voice in town.

  11. Well said Tony Big News..