Wednesday, June 02, 2010

World Cup – Margate’s Lonnie Donegan Jnr. Revives World Cup Willie

I’ll keep this report straight and keep firmly to the facts, resisting the urge to use any double entendre, type jokes, anyway that’s probably already been done elsewhere.

Margate artist, Lonnie Donegan Jnr. has re-recorded his fathers song “World Cup Willie” which was a success as official song during the 1966, World Cup, when England football was last successful.

My own recollections of that particular victory are clear and notable for being the last football match I watched all the way through, although with Mrs Me being a Chelsea season ticket holder it’s difficult to avoid .

Apart from a rousing song, World Cup Willie was possibly the first sports event mascot, opening up the massive marketing opportunities, I myself spending pocket money on a souvenir replica ( as above ) some 44 years ago blimey!

Enjoy ! Available from all major download sites from 7 June 2010. Enjoy! For more email

* Above image clipped from Website Sixties City where you wallow in all sorts of sixties nostalgia


  1. You've watched one more football match than I have Tony...

  2. Oooh, who's been sneaking a peep at Eastcliff Richard's blog, despite your not counting him as one of your friends any more. Such bitchiness; who'd have thought.

  3. I assume I received the same email that ECR did, I approach things from different perspective.

    I was asked to pass the info on end of, fortunately we live in a diverse world, if you want a reactionary views you have ECR, however for a liberal take on things read this or don't its your choice.

    In this case ECR went for flag waving cabbies and nothing wrong myself as I happen to be a year or so older I think I went on the nostalgia.

    Anyway good luck to Lonnie Donegon hope its a success for him.

  4. Shame you have no sense of humour.

  5. Its seems like this is getting a lot of exposure